Shopping For Babies and Older Kids

This is an outfit from Gap, bought in the infant/boy section. There was a white/girlier version but I love grey on her.

Coming from Paris and having lived in London, two of the best shopping cities in Europe, I was very excited to find out we were having a girl so I could by her cute clothes. Unfortunately, my favorite children boutiques are over 4000 miles away and it is very saddening. ( I know there are sadder things happening in the world right now but still…)

I am, however, very lucky to have family and friends with great taste in clothing located in Europe who have been showering us with cute outfits for our daughter.

When the winter sales started in Paris last January, I couldn’t sleep. I knew that my favorite shops (they have online websites) would be offering great deals for great looking and great quality clothing so after the 5-6am feeding, I turned my computer on and started the shopping frenzy ! I bought from Okaibi, Cyrillus, and Petit Bateau that early morning from size 6 months to 18 months. These boutiques can be pretty expensive but the sales were really good. So I recommend you wait for those amazing biannual deals if you want to introduce some French cuteness in your child’s dresser ! Oh and I recommend Monoprix and DPAM baby as well – they have adorable outfits !

Here on the island (Prince Edward Island, Canada), the choices are very limited. The Children’s place is the first shop that comes in mind (because it is the only shop specialized in children clothing if I am not mistaken) and it has a good selection of clothing for almost always discounted prices. Gap has a very small infant area but the toddler and up section has a bit more selection. Joe Fresh has some cute stuff as well and then, there are department stores such as Sears, Walmart, etc… Luckily, Moncton, which is New Brunswick’s largest shopping centre, is only about two hours away.

I personally don’t buy much on the island as I , as I mentioned earlier, have been lucky enough to be offered clothes from family and friends (from Europe or the Island). But when I need something, I usually start with Gap, then The Children’s place or Joe Fresh. I have nothing against clothes being less expensive (on the contrary !) but I dress my daughter a little more classic than the selection offered by Walmart and other department stores.

My 18-pound parcel is on its way (I had my orders delivered at my mother’s house in Paris) and I can NOT wait.

Saying that, I know some of you (reading on forums and FB) like their young children in comfortable clothes (PJs, onesies…) and I have nothing against it. I just love dressing my daughter every morning with something pretty and cute.

Any other store on the island you would like to recommend? Online boutiques? Please share !



  1. waouuuuhh, super ce blog 🙂 Je suis en train de faire imprimer le mien (un livre de plus de 60 pages) qvec commentaires inclus.; a year later though ah ah

    love u and great writing xx

    • I love you too my dear ! Thanks for visiting my blog.
      As for your travel journal, it is never too late ! I am looking forward to see it printed when we come visit !

  2. what about H&M? Is it really far? They do have very cute stuff too!

    (and i totally recommend Etsy again 😉

    • It is a couple hours away…! But when we do go, I am all over the place and H&M is one of the shop I enjoy buying from – especially for basics !

      I ❤ as well. I have made lots of purchases there (wedding favor bags, cloth wipes, wedding thank you cards, Christmas-themed envelopes…).

      Thanks Marine !

  3. I competely get what you mean about the clothes at WalMart… There’s nothing wrong with them, but most of the time they aren’t the most fashionable option. Have you tried Old Navy? I buy a lot of my little boys stuff there, and you can order online if there isn’t one close by

    • Hi Jess and thank you for your comment ! It is is exactly that: “not the most fashionable option”. Love it ! You are right. I had totally forgotten about Old Navy. I go there for myself but never bought for my daughter. I will check it out for sure ! Thank you 🙂

  4. Yeeah nice blog! Your baby is so pretty,all clothes seem perfect on her! She will use to european look, don’t worry all family – and above me-, could help you guys when you couldn’t afford it lool!

    Seriously, you always had god taste in clothes, so “If the mountain won’t come to Mahomet, Mahomet will have to go to the mountain.”

    ahahah! Mouah!

  5. Sarah Buffet says:

    There used to be an Oikaidi at my local mall, but sadly it closed 😦 . I love French clothing… So classic and beautiful. Most of the children’s clothing options here are quite tacky.

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