Spitting up. Reflux. Vomiting. You Name It !

I never encountered reflux when I was working with young children. I guess my daughter is making up for it.

I was sick during my entire pregnancy and I probably passed it along to my baby who spits up constantly. It goes from mild spitting up, to bad reflux (clear fluid that makes her shiver) to power puking. The poor little things has been suffering from reflux since she was born but because spitting up is so common in young infants and babies, I was asked to wait and see. Until it started to be really bad…She is a healthy baby girl (90% height, 70% weight – she dropped by  5%) but I don’t see how it is OK for her to be uncomfortable after each and every feeding. So I asked our family doctor to give us a referral to see a pediatrician.

We were told she was in between – so that we could make the decision of doing something about it or not. And I decided I wanted to give it a try. She was prescribed Zantac. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like the taste of it (we were warned by the doctor that it didn’t taste good) and will get sick if we insist. So what is the point of it all?

We should be in touch with our Dr. soon to see if she can be prescribed something else that she’ll actually take so she can feel better soon.

Please share your experience on the matter !



  1. My son had reflux so bad. He was on Zantac but it didn’t seem to help. We switched him to Prevacid and that seemed to help slightly. Cutting milk out of my diet did help some b/c I was breastfeeding and he seemed sensitive to cow’s milk. So sorry you’re dealing with reflux! It’s so hard to have your baby crying over something you can’t fix! You can also research sleep positioning and ways to help your baby not throw up as much. We didn’t sleep very much for our son’s first six months but we did come out the other side alive 🙂

    • Between reflux and teething, our little one has been miserable. And yet, she manages to keep smiling and laugh at our funny little games. She is such a trooper !

      I am anxious to get the Dr.’s phone call and see what he has in mind for her. I want her to feel better soon.

      Thank you for your encouraging words. We will come out of it alive. I like the sound of that ! 😉

  2. Sarah Buffet says:

    My son started spitting up substancial amounts at around 5 weeks old.
    At first I thought it was normal, but over the next week it worsened to the point where he was projectile vomiting after every feed. Nothing he ate stayed down!
    Reflux was my first speculation. I tried getting him in to see his doctor, but he was unfortunately away for 2 weeks. Meanwhile my son was looking obviously thinner, and hardly wetting any diapers. Fearing dehydration, and knowing something was definitively seriously wrong, I took him to sick kids hospital.
    The diagnosis was pyloric stenosis. The muscle in his stomach was too thick to allow anything to pass through it, therefor, everything consumed was vomited back up.
    Surgery was done the following day to separate the overgrown muscle, and after a few days, we were on our way back home again good as new.
    It didn’t take long for him to plump up. He went from the bottom of the charts to the top very quickly. I can’t believe how big he is now!

    I hope you get your daughter’s vomiting and discomforts under control. It’s so wearisome having to watch your child go through something you don’t know the solution for 😦

    • Thank you for sharing your story Sarah. I am glad to hear your little one is well and healthy now !
      My daughter is very tall for her age but pretty lean…She hasn’t improved yet but I am hoping that once
      she starts on solid, things will get better !

      And thank you for visiting – awesome Canadian mum 😉 !

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