The Couponing Frenzy

For some reason, I always new coupons existed and never paid any attention to them. It seems that couponing has become much more popular over the last couple years:        there has been a lot of TV shows about couponing addicts and ways of saving up.

I probably didn’t care before because I didn’t really need to. Not that I had lots of money, rather because I didn’t have a family at the time. It was just me. Worst case scenario,        I could always go to my mum in times of need. ( I am not saying it was very responsible but it is a fact.)

I heard, read or saw somewhere that young people weren’t too keen on couponing and I was wondering why – because when you think of it, student usually count their pennies – probably because couponing isn’t very glamorous ! I can’t say I find it ultra cool to walk around with an envelope filled with coupons in my cute leather bag but I have started to do it. And guess what: it works and I love it !

There is no better feeling than paying less (isn’t everything costing an arm and a leg these days?) than you would have for the sake of taking the time to look for and print an offer. I am still a rookie at this though and I have room for growth but I have been saving some money and I am hoping to save more and more.

I use a lot of websites such as, but it is also good to sign up for good deals, offers, and coupons, join shop reward programs, and just ask whenever possible for a promotional offer.

In the very little time I have been couponing (and I am starting slow) I was able to save probably around $175 and it is only been 6 weeks !

What do you think of couponing? Would you do it if you had more time? Or knew how to do? Do you coupon yourself? Want to brag or share about your last discounted buy? Tell us !



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