Cloth diapers and disposables l Our bumGenius Baby

Our 5-week old daughter wearing a bumGenius 4.0 one-size stay-dry cloth diaper.

We are both cloth diapering and using disposables. Cloth diapering at home during the day and using disposables at night and other occasions (outings, …). It was my husband idea at first, I then did the research and made it happen. I have a couple friends who use them and were very helpful : they managed to help me find a good balance between what was right for our family and what was good for the environment. I felt pretty overwhelmed at first as there are a ton of websites about cloth diapering, and it wasn’t something I had been used to (although I did work with a couple children who were cloth diapered – I wasn’t at home with them so wasn’t sure how things worked once the diapers were put in the bucket).

It is actually fairly easy to cloth diaper once you get the hang of it. We decided to try bumGenius by Cotton babies ( – which had very good reviews and were the diapers used by my friend. What I like about them is that they are almost as easy to use as disposables. And that is something I was looking for in a cloth diaper. I wanted to do something good for my baby and the environment but I didn’t want the hassle of it.

There are plenty other great cloth diapering brands such as Apple Cheeks ( , which is a Canadian brand ( I plan to get a couple swim diapers from them and will review them as soon as we tried them on) so there really isn’t one type of cloth diaper good for everyone. It really depends on what you are looking for. You can visit this link which will provide you with all the information you need to make a good decision:

So far, here are the pros and cons of cloth diapering for us:


  1. we are saving a lot of money by using cloth diapers.
  2. they are easy to use.
  3. our daughter hasn’t had any case of diaper rash since birth.
  4. caring for the diapers is very easy and they dry faster than I thought they would despite the cold weather.
  5. no stains on the diapers yet despite some messy business !


  1. she has to be changed more often (which is actually a good thing) as I find cloth diapers aren’t as absorbent.
  2. she won’t fit some of her smaller fitting clothes when wearing a cloth diaper. I like to call her bumble bee for that reason. 🙂

As for disposables, we have been trying pretty much all brands available and they are all working well. However, we will no longer be using big brand names as PC and Shoppers brand work just as fine and are much cheaper. We would like to start buying Chlorine free only disposable diapers (PC and Sobeys sell them) and have tried the PC green version and they work great.

We are not buying big brand names wipes anymore either and have switched to seventh generation wipes which are, in my opinion, a much better choice for our daughter and the environment.

If you would like to inform yourself on better options for your baby and family, I recommend you check this website out and see for yourself.  It has been a great resource for our family and was recommended by a friend of mine who has herself been a great resource for our family as well.

I am obviously just sharing my way of doing things and not criticizing you if it is any different than mine.

Tell us about you ! Which diapering option have you chosen? Why? Do you have tips for diaper rashes? Best place to buy diapers for a good price?



  1. In the day-time, we use traditional terry cloth nappies (I have to fold before using). For going out, we love Bum Genius and Rump-a-Rooz. You’re absolutely right, cloth diapering is great! It isn’t as inconvenient as many people think, we have saved so much money, never had to contend much with diaper rash, and I’d like to think it’s so much more comfortable for our babies too. I do use disposables sometimes, especially on trips.

    • Thanks for sharing ! We were lucky to be offered most of our stock so really, it wasn’t a very big purchase for us and it has been great so far. I just wish they were a little more absorbent. However I am starting to wonder if I should add an extra insert (or a different type of insert than those provided) in her diapers to see if it would make any difference.
      How long do your diapers last?

  2. I read that babies wearing cloth diapers get potty trained earlier because they realize they’re wet/soiled in their diapers much quicker (= what you were saying about changing her more often!)

  3. We’re using cloth nappies too, and are very happy about it.

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