On The Sleeping Scene

When we brought our daughter home from the hospital, we decided to co-sleep with her as it was easier for me. I was exhausted and having her by my side while I was breastfeeding was our best option at the time. Long story short, I stopped breastfeeding and my husband was able to help with the feedings but after a month and a half, I started to feel overwhelmed. I couldn’t do anything as my daughter was only happy in my arms, on my chest or her father’s. I couldn’t rest, and I couldn’t get anything done.

So one night, I decided that was the end of it. My daughter would sleep in her own bed, in her own room. We bought a set of three baby monitors and when my husband was away for a couple days, I started “sleep training” her (I am not talking about sleeping through the night here – she still needed to eat every 3 to 4 hours). The first night was really hard for both of us. She was missing me, I was missing her and I felt guilty. After about an hour, I took her back with me. The second night, I waited three hours. And she was less unhappy about it than the night before. The third day she made very little noise and seemed ok with the idea. After a week: the “sleep training” was over. I missed her at first but got used to sleep better very quickly !

About a month ago, I started to space out the feedings by putting her soother back in her mouth instead of feeding her. 15 minutes the first time, then 30…and so on.

Now, she usually goes to bed at 8.30pm and won’t wake up until 5 or 6am in the morning. She does wake up some time during the night, but it is rare enough. She has been a bit off lately – teething ! – and her routine has been a little different but she slept from 8.30pm last night to 9am this morning. I was on duty for early feeding this time and didn’t have to wake up early ! Haha !

I am hoping that this post won’t turn against me and make my baby girl a night owl…I know that sleeping routines are not set in stones, especially at such early age (growth spurt, teething, etc) but I will do my best to make it easy for everyone. She seems to enjoy life much better after a good night sleep, just like we do !

How about you and your little one(s)? Have you tried co-sleeping? Did it work for you? Do you have any advice for other parents?


  1. We also did co-sleeping for the first month or so, but then had him in a bassinet by my bed side. At around 2 months, we (I) moved him to his crib in his own room. We had to do the REAL sleep training at around 6 months, after we got back from a vacation in Hawaii. And again, by “WE”, I mean, I had to do it while my husband was out for the night. He couldn’t handle it. The best advise I got on sleep trainig is that both of you have to agree to want to do it, but only one of you have to be strong enough to stick to it 🙂 IT does get easier though…

    • Haha I hear you !
      I don’t know why I waited until my husband was away…I think I didn’t want to confuse her with different sleep training styles ;).
      We, mothers, must have it in us ! 😉 Thank you for passing by Maya !

  2. I think you took the best decision! It enables her to grow up and have good sleeping habits as she should do when she’ll be older!

    • Guess what? She usually wakes up for J very early in the morning (5-6am). He is been away for a couple days and she has been such a good sleeper: 8.30pm – 9am ! Haha !

  3. We’re still breastfeeding and co-sleeping. 🙂

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