How to Cope with Fatigue or how I became addicted to Red Bull

Hi, My name is Deb and I am a Red Bull addict.

My last episode of Red Bull addiction dates back to university. I was working, living the life and studying a lot. My body on its own couldn’t handle it so I needed something to help. This is when I started drinking The Drink. I would either have one when I had long essays to write, to help me think straight despite the extreme fatigue I was suffering from or I would get one to help me stay up late enough to go party on the weekends. I realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t good for me. I would be very alert for a bit and suddenly feeling more exhausted than I ever was. My heart would beat faster than normal and I would feel sick. I stopped drinking it for those reasons. It didn’t make me feel good.

But I didn’t learn my lesson. As soon as I stopped breastfeeding, I started drinking it again. And man ! I really shouldn’t. Red Bull is not good for me. Red Bull is not good for me. Red Bull is not good for me.

So, please, dear blog reader, help me. What are other (healthy !) ways of coping with fatigue? Does Red Bull have any effect on you?


  1. I used to drink a lot of Red Bull too and I had to make myself stop. Now I drink a lot of coffee…. And I mean A LOT!!!

    • I hear you…I wish I liked drinking coffee. There aren’t tons of healthy options out there ! And although I like tea, I don’t find it as fun as Red Bull. I will keep looking !

      • ahahah Taurine taurine taurine!! Red bull is just good in vodka!! I’m laughing but for the first time, at work i drank an expresso, and I just feel a kind of flutter in my chest!! Next season, deb we will enter for “Survivor” lool! ❤

  2. Oh. You said healthy ways. Can’t help you there. But I can brew you a nice cup of French roast.

  3. My dear Deb, I was reading this post and I couldn’t stop smiling because I remember when we were at uni and you used to bring your Red Bull can to class with you. Bad, bad addiction!!!
    Well, the only advice I could give you is to drink coffee, go to the gym, try to sleep most you can, and look at your cute little girl and it will give you lots of energy!!

    Or… I’ll have to find a way to make Red Bull in PEI! :p


    • Thanks for stopping by 😉 ! Unfortunately, I am not a coffee drinker but I just started aqua fitness. As for sleeping as much as I can, well… I wish I could but whenever Sixtine’s asleep, I think: PARTY TIME. I am finally going to be able to do such and such ! lol

  4. Hehe, you should share your experience with Radiah the Burn and Kebab Addict lol :d, you will feel straightly better!

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