Spa Baby – The European Style Baby Tub


Our 10 week-old daughter posing with style in her Spa Baby Tub.

When we decided to go with this European style Baby Tub (I wonder why they call it European as I don’t recall any of my French entourage using those kinds though), I got a few odd comments about it. But I stayed strong and went with it anyway.

I have been very pleased with this baby tub which is very easy to use and great for baby. She is turning four months in a couple weeks and still has room to grow – and she is a very tall baby ! I love how it enables her to sit without assistance now (I don’t leave her by herself – what I mean is that it makes the job easier for us as we can reach for soap and cloth more freely); her feet in front of her will keep her in an upright position and although I would never let myself distracted, I think the upright position reduces the chance of drowning – especially after a few weeks of age when they are able to hold their head up. Another thing I like about this tub is that it takes very little room in our fairly small bathroom.

Bath time with Spa Baby is relaxing both for baby and me. I highly recommend it. You can buy one here in the eco-friendly and regular version:

“Simply the warmest and most relaxing bath ever.
  • Warm water to chest level keeps your baby warm.
  • A natural, instinctive, fetal position relaxes your baby.
  • Water stays warm for 20 minutes and lets you relax during bathtime with Spa Baby, the tub babies love.”


  1. I think my bubs would enjoy such a cool tub. Wish I had one for myself! 🙂

    • It is pretty expensive indeed but we were lucky to get it half price ! I really love this tub and will def. use it for a second baby, if we have one.

  2. I love it! She really looks like you especially on that picture, that’s incredible!

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