How Did You Pick Your Baby’s Name?

I started my baby names list when I was about 13 years old. And I renamed myself Kelly. My sister still makes fun of me to this day. Why Kelly? I was a big fan of Beverly Hills 90210. Imagine ! (* I have nothing against Kellys, in fact, I have a friend whose name is Kelly and she is a delightful lady ! I am just kinda embarrassed about my thirteen-year-old-self*)

I’d add a new name on the list – mostly girl names , although I recall having a Lorenzo on there too – ever heard of Lorenzo Lamas? Renegade? – and would erase a few as I was growing up, as the names I had chosen before didn’t reflect my new “cool” personality anymore.

Anyways, in the past few years, as a university student, I was pretty stuck on one girl name. I was going around about how I would never change my mind, not in a million years. I wanted to call my future child: Paris. I absolutely loved the name and thought that was it.

Then the name Charlotte kinda stuck around. And I loved it so much that I decided to keep it too. So it would be Paris Charlotte. Then I thought Charlotte Paris sounded better.

And then I got pregnant. And it became a whole different story. We were actually given the responsibility to name our child. Give her the best start in life. We were going to keep Charlotte but we wanted a middle name – a classic French one. We didn’t look very long.

Sixtine (pronounced Sixteen) is a fairly classic French name with latin origins which also refers to the Chapel Sistine.

What a beautiful name ! Charlotte Sixtine. Sixtine. Isn’t Sixtine beautiful? How about Sixtine Charlotte. Sixtine Charlotte sounded just right.

Our daughter is a very bubbly, sweet, bright little girl and her name suits her perfectly.

How did you pick your babi(es)’s name? Was it a very hard decision? An easy one? Did you wait until the baby was born? Did you listen to your family/friends/people’s feedback? And if you have twins, did you pick matching names? Do you think that the name of your baby influenced his/her personality? Share with us !


  1. It was fairly easy for my wife and I to pick out Parker for our little man. We knew we wanted an Irish name, as we are both of Irish descent. All we did was go to a list of Irish boy names and bam we were done. However, my cousin wanted us to name him Lazer and/or Blade…..

    • Are these common names? Never heard of them ! My husband is of Irish descent but I was the name picker (although we made the final decision together) ! We looked for Irish names as well but was more attracted to French names in the end ! What did you have in mind for a girl?
      Talking about Irish names: I absolutely LOVE the name Ireland for a girl. I think it is an exquisite name.

      • Well Parker is common but the other 2 are just something that my cousin thought would be funny… he is also 10 year old in a 29 year olds body.

      • I know the name Parker ! It is pretty cute ! That is what I was thought but I didn’t want to offend you if your cousin was serious. I remember coming out of the hospital in the wheel-chair, and an old lady passed by and said the baby was cute. Then she asked for her name. When I said Sixtine she gave me a weird look…People !

  2. Yeah, we have had the same looks with Parker. Apparently all little boys should be called Robert or William according to some people!

    • Can I admit that I’ve *never* heard of Parker as a name in Ireland? (I grew up there.) It’s very nice, but I certainly wouldn’t have thought of it as an Irish name in any way.

      We went with a name I’d been vaguely thinking about for years, long before I met DH. It’s after my grandmother, but the form of the names that is common here. When we travel or speak to relatives abroad it does sound very strange to them.

  3. Right around the time we were having our child, last names as first names was very popular. Also, in the hispanic community it’s tradition to replace the middle name with the mother’s maiden name…my ex-boyfriend is Paul Torrez Serrano. His sister and 2 older brothers all share the middle name Torrez.

    My sister-in-law married a hispanic man and decided that would work for her, except she substituted her mother’s polish maiden name. Isabella (after her husband’s Spanish mom) Lata (her mom’s maiden name) Lopez.

    So, when we were preggers…I decided to use my mom’s maiden name as a first name for our son. I loved my grandfather and wanted to name him after him, but Bernard didn’t set well with us. And Bernie was definitely OUT…but Gibson (Gib) sounded cool. My husband was fine with that because it’s the name of a guitar. for the middle name, we went through our family and came across the Biblical name Thomas…So Gibson Thomas Ormsby (Acronym GTO- a muscle car) He’s a rockstar waiting to happen! ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone loves calling him “Gibby”


  4. Marie Laure says:

    Hello my sweet cousin!!i smiled about your ‘Kelly’ story because I used to love this name too! but other generation that was for Charlie’s angels lol!!
    Anyway after a wonderful trip to Hawaii ages ago i heard a name that sounds perfect to my ears : Malia.
    When I got pregnant, i decided to call my baby girl Malia but a problem occured!!
    My very close neighbour decided to call her girl Amalia!!! So my husband said that no it was not possible to call her as we decided! So we ran into the jungle Internet. I was very fond of Irish names because i used to be an au pair in dublin ; But the name that i picked was fantastic for me but i tried to think about it : school? well It would have been a disaster. ( we’re french) so Niamh (nieve) no way.
    So my husband found Norah. And finally it came clear. Perfect!!!! As we have both foreign origins I decided to give her an Italian name and a chinese one so my big girl (she’s eight now) is named Norah Lilan Chiara.
    For my second it was simple Perrine is a name that i loved all my life but i don’t know why!!! and for the second name i could’nt find any names that i liked in italian and my husband did’nt want to give her the chinese name that i found (Yusin like is granny)!!
    And Malia came out of nowhere and finally it is her second name!!!
    Sorry it was a bit of a long story!!!!

  5. My wife and I always dislike the names the other has chosen. The first time around, we were able to find a compromise name that we both could live with. I have to say that I am very satisfied with it after three years. Now that the second baby is almost here, we are still trying to hammer out some kind of deal. Alas, the negotiations are going slowly.

  6. Hahaha I remember the Paris Charlotte name when we were at uni! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. We knew our first daughter would have the same initials as me so Her name was going to start with an ‘M’. It wasn’t until about a week before the due date that we decided on Morgan. Man oh man did the family tell me that was a “boy name” and it wasn’t feminine and there was no way to make a nickname, so much grief. For baby number two we kept her name a secret

    • Oh dear ! I know a couple French Morgans and most of them are girls. It is a very pretty name in my opinion. I think we should all keep our baby names a secret until they arrive. They often complain but get used to it in the end ! Don’t they?

  8. As you, when I was at Secondary School I started a list of baby names… I was keen on Rachel, Joy, Lynn for a girl and Jamie and Alexandre for a boy. Then I grew up and I really love those names: Angelina, Rosario, Loan for a girl and Gabriel or Leandro for a boy. I don’t know if I’ll change them when I’ll be pregnant, time will tell ๐Ÿ˜‰

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