Europe I love you : Traveling with baby

In a little over four months, baby, daddy and myself will be flying to France ! How exciting ! I am so looking forward to it. There are a million things I want to do with them ! I don’t think I will be able to stay in one place.

So far, the prices have been up and down but it is looking like we will be landing in Brussels, Belgium which will make it more affordable. My best friend lives there so it won’t be a problem at all – we will take the time to give her a visit, have some Belgian waffles and chocolate, and go for a walk around La Grand Place.

Then we will take the train to Paris, France and stay at my mother’s place for a few weeks. This is gonna be memorable ! None of my friends and family have met my daughter so I know it is going to be a very emotional time for everyone. I am so looking forward to walk the streets of Paris with them, and enjoy cafes, croissants, and all the little things I have been missing dearly.

I am definitely going to take a MILLION pictures !

I will also be visiting London, UK – it will probably be just me – and get a well-deserved shopping fix !

The only thing I worry about is traveling with baby. She will be about 8 months old then and there are no direct flights from where we live which is going to make it an endless trip. I hope she will be all right !

As for baby gear once I am “on site”, I am lucky to have a friend who offered to let me borrow some of her things so we should be good.

I would like to travel with her stroller and car seat. Is it realistic?

Please share you travel with baby tips with me ! Thank you !



  1. Exciting!! I can’t wait to see you xxx
    This blog post is VERY interesting (her whole blog is great!), especially:
    “3. Feed during take-off and landing. Babies don’t know how to pop their ears, so it’s helpful to offer a bottle (or boob:) when the plane takes off + just as the plane begins to descend (which is when you’ll notice your own ears popping), to help ease the ear pressure.

    4. Sit apart on the plane. This is a random tip (and sounds counterintuitive), but we swear by it: If you’re traveling with your husband/wife/partner, don’t sit together; instead, get two aisle seats far apart on the plane. Here’s our story: When we arrived at the airport for our San Francisco flight, Alex and I realized that we weren’t sitting together on the flight. It was too late to change our seats, and I was bummed at first, since I figured it would make the flight more difficult. But we were actually surprised to find that it made things MUCH easier for all three of us. Alex and I agreed to switch off with Toby every hour. It was GREAT for us (we each got frequent breaks to sleep/read/eat/watch TV/etc. and weren’t on co-baby-duty for the entire flight) and GREAT for the baby (it was fun and refreshing to see mom/dad each time we switched and kept things interesting throughout the long flight).”

  2. That’s a beautiful picture of your daughter. I read two posts recently from two different bloggers about traveling with baby: go check out “Science of Mom” and “Where do gaybies come from?”. Science of mom also did a great post recently on sleep training… I reblogged it it was so good. Good luck!

  3. If you can get a bassinet for your baby at least for the transatlantic flight then definitely do it – it made all the difference when I travelled alone with DD last summer. For a start, they only put bassinets in seats with plenty of footroom (useful for the stuff you’ll need) and it’s so nice to have somewhere baby can sleep or sit and look around that isn’t a parent’s lap, for a change. The flight’s long enough that you’ll want some options!

    I’d say DON’T do self-check-in, or even if you had a bassinet booked you might lose it by going to the wrong seats. For the short flights in Europe I couldn’t get a bassinet, but the nice check-in lady put me next to an empty seat, and then put a block on it so that no-one else could sit there, which I couldn’t have done. Obviously baby couldn’t sit there, but the extra space made a big difference.

    Travelling with your husband you aren’t as likely to need the assistance of staff or other passengers as I found it useful to have on my own, but smile at everyone and take advantage of any help offered! Don’t be afraid to ask for things like extra water from the stewards, either.

    Do you use a baby carrier? If you have one you’re comfortable and confident with (or can be by the time you travel) I found mine wonderful to travel with, and the car seat rather a pain, whenever we weren’t in a car. If you want to, though, you should be able to take both stroller and carseat right up to the departure lounge, and then pick them up as you get off the plane. The ErgoBaby Sport is what we have, and it’s really easy to transfer between parents of different sizes, if that’s an issue for you.

    Most of all, enjoy introducing your little girl to your family and friends. We had a wonderful time last summer (even though we missed my husband – who couldn’t get off work – dreadfully).

    • Thank you for your precious advice !
      I love our stroller so I would like to bring it as well as the car seat for our trips but I will definitely be using our baby carrier as well.
      I don’t know how she will like it by then but we will give it a try !

  4. Oh it’s official!!! i’m so happy!!!I can’t wait to see you!! You’ll say me when you booked! I’ll take some days off!!

    • T’as changé de graphisme! ( la vraie fan)! Cette couleur est très douce. Mais j’aimais aussi ton montage!Biz du bureau!

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