The perfect mum

I feel overwhelmed, emotional and exhausted tonight.

I want to do more for and with my daughter. I have lots in mind but so little time or energy. I browsed through a few personal blogs of mums homeschooling their children or doing early learning, looked for educational material for little miss Sissi and ended up feeling more lost than I was !

I want to do so much for my baby and I feel like I am not doing enough. This is the worst feeling. I am responsible for her and she deserves the best. Why can’t I find it in me? I don’t know how these perfect mums do it. I wish I was one of those perfect mums.

Because she is perfect to me.



  1. I know the feeling; we have four children now, and every day I wonder what I could do better for all of them. There are no perfect mums, but there are loving ones, and I’d say you fit into that category. What kinds of information or educational materials do you need? There’s a decent chance I have some helpful links stored in my bookmarks, and I’d be happy to share.

    Peace be with you,

  2. Lots of new moms feel this way, and so did I. Don’t be too hard on yourself-just the fact that you recognize your fear means you are a good parent. Get as much rest as you can, don’t worry about the housework- relax and enjoy that beautiful tres belle girl! Message me anytime. Best, Donna

    • Thank you Donna. I am gonna try that ! It is funny how every time she goes for a nap or goes to bed I think “Partayyy” and do all kind of things I need or want to do but rest. No wonder I am exhausted. I am so looking forward to our well-deserved trip to Paris !

  3. Please don’t feel down on yourself! I was going to suggest Glenn Doman books but as I had a quick look through your posts I see you already have HSIYBaby (shortened name!) Such great ideas in there. BUT all that Doman stuff can get overwhelming. I came to the conclusion that whatEVER I did, it was better than nothing. And that had to be my motto. If today all I can do it those exercises with her once, or just the talking thing or just 2 word cards once, that’s wonderful and amazing and soooo good for her compared to doing nothing at all! And I’m sure you’re cuddling her and loving her and being such a good mom, you’re doing a great job! It is so tiring, please don’t get down on yourself! I’ll have a better look at your blog when I have a moment to myself. I’ll follow you too!

  4. hum… i don’t know but i’ve got the feeling it’s what mamahood is all about… extreme joy/ extreme guilt, always racing…

    Great mummy blogs i read (if it helps): (super cool in N.Y) (super cool vintage) (her “awkward and awesome thursday posts are HILARIOUS) (amazing seamstress…and 6 kids!)

  5. Also, there were some great Montessori Youtube videos I used to watch, more for babies a bit older, or toddlers but cool to see and hear about:

  6. You’re the best mother ever. I’m sure Sissi is blessed to have you.

  7. Thanks for dropping by earlier.
    That feeling of not doing enough doesn’t seem to go away. But, to be honest, after a while I think it’s best not to give in to it. No mother is “perfect”. It is an unhelpful and unrealistic myth. We do the best we can.
    I left a link on my reply to your comment that you might find good reading for implementing the Montessori philosophy with infants and onwards.
    The best thing (IMO) for you to do is to talk, sing, read and describe the world around your daughter to her. She will soak it all up in her own good time. 🙂

  8. No ones perfect and from reading through your blog it seems to me that your are doing a great job already. I too look at others and think ‘why can’t I be like them’ its just something we all do. I feel like I let my children every day but ask them what they think and I’m sure their reply would be ‘mummy does everything for us and we lover her’

  9. Don’t you worry. There are no perfect moms. Even the ones that appear perfect 🙂 Just your concern shows that you are a dedicated and loving Mommy. That is all that our little ones need.

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