Random Short Story : The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever or The Baby’s Bottles

Every morning before work, my husband will feed the baby if she is awake. If she takes too long to drink or if he has to go, he will bring the baby to me and I will feed her the rest of her bottle in bed. Nice and cozy.

So this morning, he brought the baby to me with a kiss and a happy valentine’s day and said: “ I did something for you out there.” And I said, “tell me you washed the baby’s bottles !“. And in fact, he had. Washed the baby bottles. And I said: “This is the best valentine’s day gift ever.”And I meant it. I have other priorities now.

Enjoy your day ! Are you doing anything special with your partner or little ones or is it just another day?



  1. The girls have chosen a meal to make for us tonight – it’s going to require a lot of help, I think but not sure how much help they’ll accept being very independent-minded 3 and 5 year olds!

  2. brilliant! 😀
    (and loving)

    me, anti-Valentine’s Day and all, I got a beautiful acrylic illustration made by B. Priceless!

  3. I love Valentine’s Day! To my mind, it’s a very warmful and lovely celebration! You’re such a good mother ❤

  4. It’s certainly the little, but special things, like washing the baby’s bottles or feeding the baby that make Valentine’s Day special and are what real love it about.

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