Infant Stimulation

Sixtine has been very alert since birth. I have read some books and some online sites about stimulation in infancy and I have been doing some activities with her hoping to help her develop her full potential.

I started with black and white flash cards when she was about two months. It included different shapes (squares, triangles, circles,…), but also faces (smile, surprise,…) and animal shapes (cats, ducks…). I would flash them when she was happy, fed, and rested so that she was fully alert and interested.I also put some of the flashcards above her bassinet, and changing table and she has stared at them numerous times.

Now that she is a little older, I am going to introduce colors, numbers and pictures of everyday life objects/people with matching words. I am also working on a fabric/texture basket that she could play with.

I also sing in French and English to her. She seems to enjoy old classics French music and nursery rhymes better than anything and often sings back. Her favorite song seems to be “Petit escargot” which always get her smiling.

If you have read the post I wrote entitled “When baby says Mama” , you may know how important it is to talk to baby and listen to him/her above all. I enjoy talking to her and asking her questions and wait for an answer. She usually stares at my mouth very carefully, and moves her mouth at the same time, trying to reproduce the sound. She sometimes answers, sometimes not. But she knows I am interested in what she has to say.

I let her smell my food, perfume, and flowers and touch different temperature objects.She actually had lots of fun pulling the petals off the rose Papa had bought for her for Valentine’s day ! She loved it !

As for motor skills, she is a great little mover ! I put her on her stomach – which she doesn’t enjoy much – and she will put herself back on her back after a few grunts ! I let her grasp my fingers and pull her gently until she reaches a sitting position. She also rotates on her playmat by moving her legs like Elvis ! I have the feeling that she will be all over the place in a few months !

She also enjoys watching Sparkabilities 0 to 6 months.

What are some fun things you do with your infant? Anything you would like to recommend?



  1. Oooo I remember doing all that with my second daughter! Do you have a crawling track?!! We had one, what fun! Because of it, she started crawling on her belly by herself on the floor at exactly 4 months! Amazing thing, that crawling track.

  2. Just wanted to add, we made the crawling track ourselves, according to the plans in the back of Doman’s book, it was easy and pretty cheap. We used foam camping mats we cut to the right size, because the vinyl Doman recommends has PVC in it, which is toxic. We didn’t cover the foam, and it was fine to slide along on.

  3. Your daughter is sooooooooooooooooooo cute! I love her eyes!
    I might have to try the flash cards thing soon I think

    • Aww…thank you Brendan ! I make the flashcards myself but I am probably going to order them from Monkisee this time.
      I don’t have enough time to do them all. I just started with numbers and dots. How old is your baby boy again?

      • I wish I could make them myself… I think I may have to Google Monkisee and see what they have to offer. My little boy is only in his 5th week on this planet… am I jumping the gun? I feel like he recognises certain things already and reacts to them.

      • I think you could wait a few more weeks for Monkisee but you could download some pre-made powerpoints and print them.
        I can send you a few by email if you would like ! Let me know ! Your son is still very young and black and white flashcards are
        best for infants his age as they see these colors better than anything else.

      • That would be great. I will send you an email now via your blog 🙂
        Thanks Deb!

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