10 Things I Miss about Pregnancy

…and I never thought I would ever miss being pregnant!

  1. I miss feeling my body change and grow with baby.
  2. I miss the extra attention and protection I received from my husband, family, friends and even strangers. I felt very special.
  3. I miss the special bond I had with my baby.
  4. I miss the respect I had for my body (eating healthy, resting, taking vitamins…)
  5. I miss feeling her move inside me and above all, I miss her hiccups !
  6. I miss the expression on my husband’s face when he would feel the baby move and how he would rub my belly.
  7. I miss the excitement for her arrival.
  8. I miss the sense of pride about it.
  9. I miss my thick shiny long hair.
  10. And finally, I miss my big round belly.

There will be a 10 things I don’t miss about being pregnant at a later date.

How about you? Do you miss at all being pregnant, and if so, what do you miss about it?



  1. I miss my baby going nuts every week without fail during the relaxation section of our pregnancy yoga class! And wondering what gender our baby would be and what he or she would look like. I loved being pregnant. Sniff!

  2. I missed being pregnant a week after I had my baby! I didn’t know I enjoyed it so much until I wasn’t pregnant anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. bellissimom says:

    I may feel like this after the baby is born but at 35 weeks I am moving from feeling so happy about being pregnant to being uncomfortable!

  4. Oh, I hear you ! I was extremely impatient to have my baby, especially at the end. I thought she’d come early but she arrived on her due date ! The last weeks are the hardest but you will get there eventually ! Hang in there !

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