Leaving Baby with the Babysitter for the First Time

Tomorrow night, my husband and I are going out for the evening. We have gone out a few times since the baby’s arrival and it was always hard to leave her, even with our loving family. I know she has a blast whenever she sees them (they have children and she loves their company) but you know how it feels…She is so tiny, and I like to think she misses me when I am away. When really, I miss her.

Anyways, I started to look around for a babysitter about a month ago and I was very surprised to realize that I was the kind-of-a-mum I would think was a little too much when I used to apply for babysitting jobs. (I worked as a babysitter and a nanny for a long, long, time.)

But what can I say? She is my baby. I want her safe, healthy, happy. There is something really scary about leaving your child with a stranger. But I am confident that we have found the perfect babysitter for our family. She seems great on paper and in real life. We met her some evening and were delighted to see that she was what we expected her to be. I had a long list of “qualifications/qualities” and I never thought someone would actually fit the job. I just started a list of things that I would like our babysitter to be/have: have first aid qualification. he fluent in French. very experienced with children. over 20. and then, a plus: education or nurse student. This girl has all that and more. Before meeting her I even said to my husband: “what if she wasn’t a real person?!”.

We chatted a little bit and she interacted well with the baby, I had prepared questions which she answered genuinely well and I knew she’d be the one pretty much right away. I think you can feel these things.

It is going to be hard but I know that reassurance will come with time.

So, tell me, at what age did you leave your baby with a babysitter (stranger) for the first time? Any tips for worried Mamas like me?



  1. I am sure everything’s going to be okay, she seems very serious!

  2. I agree with Emma. And you need to have your quality time. You were a great baby-sitter, au pair and then nanny. There must people like you to take care of Sixtine.

    • I was worried the first couple hours but it went great and Sixtine was very happy when I left her with the babysitter so it is all good.
      I am glad !

      • Deb! Just, in parenthesis,

        Guess who texts me? Isabelle Matteo & Evan mother! (they had moved for years to Maurepas)
        She have had an other child, a litttle girl this one!
        Her nanny let them down, so she asked me if I were interested to baby-sits. Should I accept the job, – 5 euros for 3 children maybe/ private joke lool – ? Babysitter, (not at all comparable to your nanny experience!), was my learning of what “responsabilities” were, but I prefer my job now lol!

        She has perfect qualifications and congratulations for this step difficult for all momies!

  3. You should PM me on fb. I’d love to have a contact in case we ever want to go out and the ILs aren’t available! 🙂

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