Milestones: 4 month-old

Today is Sixtine’s month-day. She turned four months. To celebrate the occasion, I decided to open her handprint/footprint kit and mark the occasion. It was very easy to use and I am very happy with the result. It will take a couple days to dry but you can see how cute it looks on this picture. Her foot looks really big on this but it is only tiny, really.

Milestones and everyday life accomplishments:

  • She drinks 5 to 6oz/per bottle.
  • She sleeps from about 8.30pm to 7am.
  • She smiles and laughs a lot.
  • She pushes or pulls Mama or Papa’s finger when being fed to say no more or ask for more.
  • She babbles a lot.
  • She enjoys playing with bright-colored toys.
  • She pays attention to very small objects.
  • She puts everything in her mouth.
  • She has fun pulling her own socks and generally playing with her feet.
  • She can move her legs enough to rotate on her playmat.
  • She pulls her soother out of her mouth and tries (sometimes manages) to put it back.
  • She loves pulling Mama’s hair.
  • She doesn’t enjoy being on her stomach much so she will put herself back on her back.
  • She recognizes Mama and Papa’s faces.
  • She enjoys other children.
  • She loves music.

She’s grown so much ! I can’t believe my baby girl is already four months old…!



  1. Ohhh le kit que je t’ai envoyé! Magnifique 🙂

  2. happy 4 months! We had Jayden do his tiny foot and hand print into a mould as well, but at 2 weeks of age 😛

  3. Trop mignon! She grows up so fast!

  4. It looks great Deb!! She’ll keep that her whole life as a memory of her mother entertaining her everyday more and more 🙂

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