Stimulating Baby : Handmade Baby’s Book of Emotions

I was browsing around for cute things to do with baby and stumbled upon a blog which name I can’t remember at the present time.

Another Mama blogger was saying she had made a Book Of Emotions for her baby with the help of her older kid. She took pictures of her son

looking happy, sad, surprised (…) and put a book together. I thought it was a great idea. I know how much my daughter loves looking at human

faces, and the more familiar the better ! I went to Michaels store to buy some of the things I needed and looked for pictures ! I decided to do it in

French, picked a few words I wanted to illustrate (happy, sad, content, angry, surprised, in love…) and used pictures of her, Papa and myself. I

laminated each picture with the matching word above or underneath it and started punching holes (definitely not the nicest part !).

I attached the whole thing with grey knitting thread and voilà !

Here are a few pictures of my “masterpiece” :


Let me know what you think !



  1. Cute!!

  2. Fun! It’ll be a great keepsake when she’s older, too.

  3. bellissimom says:

    What a cute idea! Preserve all of those cute baby moments while you can!

  4. Great ! I love it ! I’m probably gonna “steal” the idea ! Thank you so much for the inspiration ….
    Can I add that your daughter seems to be an amazing model for this kind of book, she is so expressive !

    • Thanks Noemie ! (I have to start learning the accents code so I can type your name right !)
      Sixtine loved it. She examined each and every single picture and smiled back at the “content” and “heureux” picture !
      I even made a “mort de rire” page! 😉 I am really excited about this. Just make sure to use large prints for the words so
      that your baby can actually see and memorize them ! Don’t hesitate to send me a picture of your son and his emotion book when
      you are done !

  5. Great idea Deb… Thanks for posting this, I might have to embark on my own little project too with Jayden, but maybe just keep the photos online as I’m not a scrapbook sorta guy 😛
    P.S. I love the fatigued look!

  6. Je te reconnais bien là ma Débo. C’est une super idée!!

  7. An prize for The artist (mum)! ;-D!

  8. Thank you so much for the Idea My baby is in the nicu right now he was born three months early so wonderful ideas like this are much needed to past time and keep worried mommies busy. *kissess thanks again!!!

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