” How Do You Become Fluent in 11 Languages? “

A 20-year old British student can speak 11 languages – English, Greek, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Afrikaans, French, Hebrew, Catalan and Italian according to BBC News UK. You can see him do so here: How did this man learn 11 languages?  I am so jealous ! I know it is bad to envy people but I have always dreamed of being polyglot. In his little introduction, he explains how he got to learn them and how learning a specific language can make it easier for you to learn another one (ie. Spanish –> Portuguese, Italian, French).

Talking about speaking foreign languages, I have been wanting to learn a new one: Spanish? Swedish? Chinese?, or even better, refresh a rusty one: Italian? Portuguese? Or German?

I have a pretty good hear for languages and I was thinking of trying Rosetta Stone. I hear it is a great new way of learning languages and “the world’s #1 language-learning software”.

Do you know anything about Rosetta Stone? What are other language-learning materials you’d recommend? Websites? Books?


  1. Snap! (This is what I wrote about on my language blog tonight.)

    I haven’t tried Rosetta Stone. I’m using Memrise for learning words in Russian, though.

    • Your language blog? I didn’t know you had one ! What is the link to it?
      How is “Memrise” working for you? I think I am definitely going to give Rosetta Stone a go !

      • kaetslanguages.wordpress.com – This is actually the blog I’m writing these days. The other has been abandoned for months. (I keep meaning to go back to it, but not doing it.) Memrise is very good for learning vocabulary, I think – the problem for me now is getting on with the other parts of learning – grammar and most importantly just using it.

  2. haha! I read the same article and had a very similar reaction to yours!
    As for language learning, I would recommand taking lessons at a community college or if you are set on German, trying Goethe Institute’s open courses.

    • Yeah, I think I’ll pass on German. It was really hard growing up being forced to learn a language I wasn’t interested in in the least.
      Now I have over 10 years of German classes behind me so there is some left. And I will leave it at that…! Our community college is only offering French classes at the moment so I will have to keep checking their website to see if Spanish comes along but I am pretty sure I’d be OK starting by myself !
      Thank you for stopping by Camille !

  3. I’m learning French and I have been on and off for a couple of years (I’ve had two babies in between). I use a mixture of things. I’ve taken courses at the Alliance Francaise in Sydney but they are a bit expensive and as I’ve got small children, I can only do on or two levels a year. I subscribe to a good podcast and paid a bit of money for the learning materials, I also have a very good grammar/exercises book with a CD that I’m working my way through and I use things like the free TV5 Monde news videos with comprehension questions. I subscribe to a free French email newsletter from About.Com that has grammar, cultural information and things about the current festivals. I’m about to start using an audiobook with CD and I also subscribe to a French magazine that has English and French articles with audio, questions and lots of other stuff. It’s still so hard. I need to find a local French speaker as I really need to practice my speaking. I haven’t tried any learning CDs but I did try and online course that was quite good but designed more for business people so a lot of the scenarios weren’t always relevant. Good luck. I love learning another language but it is challenging.

    • Wow ! “Tout un programme !” It should be easy for you to find a native to practice your French. We are everywhere ! A good friend of mine was there last year and she met a lot of French people there. You should post an ad on Craigslist or something similar for “conversation exchange”. This way, you can practice your French for free and help a French person out ! It is very popular in London and Paris! Or you could use Skype !
      Thank you for sharing ! I am excited to start again.


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