“It gets better.”

I was going to write a long venting post about how tired I was, how I couldn’t get anything done, and how I needed a vacation. Instead, I googled “it gets better first time mum” and read an article about how things will, indeed, get better.

So dear Mamas and Papas, share your it gets betters under this post and cheer up a tired first-time mum !



  1. They do, eventually, sleep through the night. They will learn to eat what you feed them, and learn to do things they know will make you laugh. They trail you around the house with a sock while you’re dusting the furniture, and try to sweep the floor.

    And then there’s the first time they stutter out, “I love you Mama.”

  2. Someday they sleep through the night. But don’t expect it to ever happen and when it does, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! I shouldn’t tell you, but my almost 2 year old still wakes up once or twice a night for milk! They always change, and then if you have more, you’re tired all over again, but have 2 to take care of! I always tell myself, ‘it won’t always be like this’ and it helps me get through everything!

    • I don’t think I have it in me to have a second one ! My daughter has been a pretty good sleeper since she was about 2 months old but she does have some bad nights some times (when she is teething or has a cold). I will keep your “motto” in mind ! Thank you.

  3. It definitely gets easier. You’ll get more used to each other’s sleep patterns, and you won’t feel so new at it all (even though each new thing she does will still be exciting). You’ll be able to really interact with each other more, and she’ll do more things for herself, so that you don’t have to be right next to her continuously. When she can reach and pick things up for herself, and then crawl and then walk to you she will be fun in so many new ways.

    This is (in my opinion) the greatest possible benefit to baby led solids: you sit her in her high chair (or equivalent) and give her some food and then while she’s eating/playing/whatever with that YOU actually get to eat a hot meal at the same time as your husband even though the baby is awake and interested! Maybe it’s just us with the child who always wanted to breastfeed/otherwise be in parental arms when we were eating, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find it’s not. Why anyone would choose to have to spoonfeed I don’t know. (Honestly the benefits to baby were also a big part of why we chose BLW, but it’s the benefits to me that I noticed most.)

    • Thank you for sharing ! I guess I just wanted to know that I’d feel like myself again some day. I am just so tired and sometimes overwhelmed ! I can’t believe it is been four months already and at the same time, it feels like she was always with us. I love her so much !
      I think baby-led weaning would be much more popular if it was advertised by health care providers. I like the idea of eating a meal as a family and I am convinced that it actually leads to healthier eating habits.

  4. I think the very first year is the hardest. But you will wonder where it has all gone once it has passed. It is hard to keep that in mind with the first baby as everything is new, different, hard, scary and oh, so much more. Never mind that your post-baby hormones are playing a merry tune too.
    If sleep & rest is a problem, and you are able to do so, take turn about with your husband. Each has two or three nights “on duty” while the other gets to sleep through. Whatever works for you, but it seems to need to be multiple nights. If daytime “things” are tiring, perhaps reduce your expectations of what “should” be done. In some cultures Mums are not expected to do much for the first 3 months of the baby’s life and extended family do nearly everything for her. I know that’s not always a possibility in modern life (I wish), but it shows what the priorities are. Baby, Mum, rest, bonding. (Certainly not housework…. 😉 )
    But yes, it does get easier and it does get better. I promise. Then you will wonder how you got through it all, and why it was so hard. (Hormones, once again.)

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