Baby Brain or How Pregnancy and Motherhood have made me absent-minded !

Truth in the rumor? New research claims that pregnant women do forget, but it’s because the brain is focusing on more important needs.

Until about a year ago, I thought I had a pretty good memory. Ask my husband. Then I got pregnant, became a mother and it went all away. I have become absent-minded. When I was about 6 months pregnant, we had an appointment with a private clinic to find out the sex of our baby. When we got there, about 10 minutes drive from home, I remembered I had apple crumble cooking in the oven. Oops.

Now, it is refrigerated apple juice in the cupboard, our milk in the baby’s bottle, or I will reach for her bottle instead of my own drink (ewww ! Have you ever tried baby formula?), forgetting to take my glasses off before stepping into the shower, overcooking food…and the list is long. I don’t know what it is. The research says it has to do with mother wanting to put her child’s needs first. It makes sense. I think being tired and super busy with baby/babies/children also adds to the absent-mindedness.

So ladies, and gentlemen, tell me, what did/does baby brain do to you? Can’t wait to hear your funny stories !



  1. Modi Ramos says:

    I have a post about Pregnancy Brain you might enjoy;)

  2. I’m 38 weeks pregnant and at about 20 weeks when registering with a new doctor, I was asked for proof of id which I said I didn’t have as I had just moved house. So she’s trying to find out any possible proof of address I may have and mentioned my tenancy agreement which I said I could bring in… Whilst rummaging through my bag completely ignoring it! She thought it was hilarious

  3. Nothing in particular comes to mind… Maybe I forgot all the funny stories. But I used to have a frighteningly good memory. Now, uh…hey, what was I saying?

  4. On Friday I had a phone call from my boys school asking me to come in and meet an auditor and answer some questions. I got the call at 1 and they wanted me in at 2:45, by 2 o clock I had forgotten all about the meeting and started baking cookies and it was only at 2:30 I remembered. Needless to say I was late, nothing unusual there!

  5. I didn’t realize this was a real thing! I thought it was just something I saw on TV, haha. This worries me if I ever have kids, I’m absent-minded enough as it is!

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