10 things I do NOT miss about being pregnant

  1. Severe Morning Sickness. 24/7. It was the worst about it. I was sick as a dog the first 5 months and sick until delivery. I didn’t think I would make it to the end. I had to stop working right away as I would throw up more than 7 times a day. I couldn’t sleep, and would even get sick on water. I lost a lot of weight but regained it slowly. I went through two different buckets, that would follow me everywhere in the house. When I had the baby I told my husband I didn’t want it to be anywhere near me so he would have to get rid of it before I come home.
  2. Starving. I felt extremely weak if I didn’t have a little something in my stomach. In fact, if I was hungry, I would get sick. So I had to eat. And when you are weak, tired, and sick, you don’t want to fix yourself a snack, let alone cook. I went through a lot of craving phases (orange juice, watermelon, celeri, vegetarian sushis, chinese noodles, rice, purees,…).
  3. Take good care of myself. Don’t get me wrong. What I mean, is, drinking a lot, taking prenatal vitamins, eating more vegetables, (…) felt like hard work. I did it for my baby but it wasn’t always easy.
  4. Lower Back Pain. I used everything to get some kind of relief: maternity belt, heating bottle, massages from my husband, and still, it was really painful. Especially towards the end !
  5. Lack Of Sleep. I couldn’t sleep because of severe acid reflux and sickness. I slept on the couch pretty much 5 months out of 9 during my pregnancy. I don’t know what it was but I slept better there. Until it didn’t do anything for me anymore. My husband would sometimes stay in the living room with me to keep me company. Such a sweetheart ! Since I had to sleep in an upright position, I would prop myself up in what my husband would call a “nest” with my body pillow, and a couple more propping items. We shared the same bed but there was a mountain between us.
  6. Excessive Salivation. I thought I’d use some kind of “medical-sounding” term to spare you the horror parts ! But really, the first 4 months, I had to spit up constantly. It was socially-handicapping (how would you feel if you needed to keep a plastic bag with you at all times so you could spit up.) I became a complete hermit. LUCKILY, it stopped after four months. Hallelujah.
  7. Needing to pee constantly – including nights.
  8. Prenatal care stress. Although I feel very lucky to live in a country where prenatal care is taken seriously, I found it very stressful to get needles and tests done during 9 months. First fetal hearbeats, ultrasounds and maternal serum tests were also very stressful. I am so blessed to have a healthy baby girl.
  9. Being uncomfortable in my body. The waddling, not being to tie my shoes or put nail polish on my toes, being exhausted all the time, taking forever to walk a flight of stairs…
  10. Being on bed rest. Depressing. And postpartum pains. I had an episiotomy. Sorry, TMI.

That being said, I feel extremely blessed to have had a regular, healthy pregnancy (despite the severe sickness) and healthy baby girl. I would do it again in a heartbeat. My husband was so supportive of me – I honestly don’t know what I would have done without his help.

If you would like to read “the 10 things I miss about pregnancy”, click here.

How about you? Anything you don’t miss about pregnancy you would like to share?



  1. Going to a friend’s wedding when 34 weeks pregnant, feeling like a whale amongst skinny people, having to change my low high heels for flip-flops halfway during the wedding and not being able to have a good glass of wine!

  2. oh my god i didn’t knooooow Deeeeb how awful!!

    Thank god it was for a very very happy result: CC!

  3. Yuck. I felt sick the entire time with my second daughter. I was worried I’d never feel like eating again, even after she was born. I also had SPD. I had never heard of it before, and found out online that it was a real thing that other people had! I felt like my crotch was broken. Pregnancy is not my favorite thing!

  4. *sigh* My pregnancy was awful and I really didn’t enjoy it… It drives me nuts how everyone is always talking about how much they enjoyed being pregnant and I should have enjoyed it too. I was sick constantly but my body refused to actually throw up so there was no relief, I had heartburn bad enough I was on 2 prescriptions for it, I broke out like a 12 year old who bathes in bacon grease, and I went roughly 4 weeks overdue without anybody knowing… It sucked and I can’t believe I want to do it again.. Thanks for sharing!

    • What a story !! I know how you feel about the “should enjoy being pregnant”. It wasn’t fun for me, and it wasn’t fun for my husband who had to put up with it for 9 full months either. It is great that you have it in you to do it again…I keep hearing that no pregnancy is the same but I know from genetics that I will get a just-as-sucky pregnancy next time. And I don’t think I could do it again. Thanks for sharing as well !

  5. I got this intensely itchy skin condition (that according to the dermatologist I finally saw, mostly occurs about halfway through pregnancy, usually where the foetus is male) at 42 weeks pregnant (DD was born at 42.5 weeks) so it was at its worst when I was trying to get used to having a newborn, and for which the most effective treatments are safe for pregnancy (of course), but not necessarily for nursing… Thankfully I’m apparently unlikely to get it again.

    • Oh my…! I was pretty itchy myself when I was pregnant but nothing like you and for other reasons. When those stretch marks made their apparition, I started considering scratching myself with a fork or something ! How long did the itch last?

      • It was really bad for about a week, and was there more lightly for a month, I think. I sincerely hope I *don’t* get that again!

  6. You’ve done a great job, Debbie! I can imagine how difficult it was sometimes, but in return you have the most beautiful baby I’ve never seen

  7. Well apart from feeling my baby moving, I DO NOT miss anything else from my pregnancy !
    I really didn’t enjoy it either ! I totally didn’t feel “épanouie and radieuse ” at all ! (sorry for the french words … I’m already struggling to stay awake so english words don’t really come easily !)
    I have been awfully sick for the first 5 months, puking 8 to 10 times a day.
    And the rest of the pregnancy, I have been suffering from a severe acid reflux too and it was nearly impossible to sleep because of it !
    I used to go to the toilets at least 10 times a day, which I found VERY VERY annoying.
    I also felt uncomfortable in my body, especially at the end, and I hated it (being exhausted, out of breath all the time, etc… Can you imagine I had to sit at least half of the time at Johanna’s wedding? Me? Sittiing ? While everyone else or nearly was dancing !!!)
    And I really didn’ t like to experience all these changes in my body, I felt like a teenager experiencing puberty all over again, discovering her body AGAIN !
    I could also make a list of the ten things I DO NOT miss about the labor or the delivery !
    But finally, despite all that, I totally want to do it again one day, even if I have to live the exact same things !

    • I am so glad you said that. I kinda felt bad for not liking it so much.
      Yes, I can totally picture you sitting as Johanna’s wedding. You know what? Because I barely danced at my own !
      I ended the night sitting on a chair moving my arms around.
      I will write a ten-thing list about labor and delivery just for you. So you can share all you want.
      There is nothing to be ashamed of. We are survivors !

  8. Will get back to you when babies out (9days to go) but I will never miss the reflux. It is the most uncomfortable feeling. I also won’t miss the sciatica. X

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