The 52-week project

I am a photography enthusiast. And a stay-at-home mum. I have been taking pictures of my daughter everyday since she was born and I have decided to start taking a picture every week, same person, same place. This way, I will see her grow as the background becomes smaller and smaller. I am very excited to start this project and hope you will take interest in it !

I will post my first picture of the week tonight. Stay updated !

Feel free to share your own photography project in the comments area and I will be happy to visit your blog/website.



  1. Great project ! I’m sure she’s gonna appreciate it later !

  2. What a great idea!

  3. We are doing this as well. We do a white onesie and then I photoshop the number of weeks he is on it. We always take it on his crib comforter to see differences from week to week.

  4. Love it ! She’ll be very happy to see it later on.

  5. like the idea! i might steal the idea 🙂
    and she’s very cute!

  6. Sooooooooo cute! ❤ the idea too!
    I think I might have to steal this idea too… I just hope I can keep up with all the good ideas you're coming up with 🙂

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