Random Short Story: Leftover Chicken for Breakfast Anyone?

The baby was still asleep this morning when my husband left for work. He usually feeds her before going to work if the timing works out which allows me to sleep a little longer since she usually goes back to sleep for a little bit after her bottle. But not this morning. And I think this is the reason why my body clock is messed up today. I was pretty hungry and decided to go fix myself a snack. I checked the microwave clock and saw a 1 and assumed it was passed one so I decided to have some leftover from last night, instead of a piece of banana/nutella bread. As I was eating my meal, I felt kinda sick. It just didn’t feel right to eat that piece of chicken at that time. So I checked the clock again – only to realize it was 10am. Not 1pm. I feel pretty sick right now at the thought of having had chicken for breakfast. And the first thing I thought was: “OMG. I am losing it !”. I think I am going to call my husband to let him know he married a crazy cuckoo.


  1. Was it left over KFC? 😛 hehe

  2. LOOL je mange(ais) bien des céréales le soir.. Et les anglais du bacon le matin. C’est une question de goût/habitude .
    PS: tu remarqueras l’utilisation du passé associé aux céréales le soir 🙂
    love xx

    • Tu compares l’incomparable !

      • lool Carole! Si t’avais parlé de pizza froide le matin passe encore dans le dégout mais les céréales le soir… lool!
        Ça me rappelle un super régime que j’avais fait ou le petit déjeuner consistait en oeuf dur- pamplemousse sans sucre et thé lool!

        moi aussi j’ai des problèmes de connexion en ce moment le matin! Je prends ma douche et j’entends derrière la porte ma mère : ” …… in!” Je hurle ” Oh mon dieu! 8h20!Oh mon dieu!” (alors que 30 mn avant il était 6h30 lol!) La malheureuse m’avait dit ” t’as entendu pour Jean Dujardin?”

        Bisous les filles!

      • T’es pas enceinte pourtant ! 😉

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