The Little Red Farm Worldwide Cultural Exchange

I have recently come across an amazing blog called The Little Red Farm; the author had the wonderful idea to organize a Worldwide Cultural Exchange which we have just signed up for. So what is the objective of this cultural exchange?

The objective is to share information with a group of other families about the country in which you live (or that you will be representing) so that they can get a feel for the culture of that country. This is achieved by sending a package to the family (usually addressed to the child or children) with bits and pieces that you have chosen to give a good overview of what it is like to live there.

I remember the excitement of receiving letters from penpals, and postcards from other young kids like myself when I was a girl and I believe my daughter will benefit greatly in doing such cultural exchange. I want her to be aware of the rich diversity of the world and feel that she is part of it.   I will keep whatever she receives in a special treasure box, until she is old enough to do it herself. I am so thrilled about this, I thought I would share with fellow culture/languages enthusiast readers.

I will keep you updated !


  1. wow! Thanks! I’ve just signed us up.

  2. This sounds like a fantastic thing to be part of. I’ll need to look into it later/tomorrow!

  3. Oh Awesome! Sign me in! I’ll never miss an opportunity to tell people More about my Bosnia! Especially because all people seem to know is what they heard on the news awhile ago…which is war, genocide and struggle :-)..However, there is much more to this beautiful country..Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Yay! I’m excited that you are participating!
    The exchanges are lots of fun and it never ceases to amaze me how people find such creative ways to talk about their country.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you send!
    Best wishes
    Rachael x

  5. I really like the sound of that, it would be a great way to get my little girl interested in our “new” country and finding out more about others!
    Thanks for the tip, I’m off to check it out!

  6. Love this! What a wonderful way to share your culture. This would be a great thing for teachers to do in schools with their classes too!


  1. […] Sixtine & the Little Things tells us about a wonderful worldwide cultural exchange.  A fabulous idea to be a part of, both worldwide and even just from different parts of the UK. @sixtineATLT […]

  2. […] we sent packages to and learn more about their culture. I found out about it thru a fellow blogger, Deb,and immediately signed up at the Little Red Farm […]

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