Summer in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Prince Edward Island, Canada beaches in the summer.

Click here to see Prince Edward Island, in the winter

It will be a month today that I have started blogging and it’s been a great experience so far. I love interacting with fellow mamas and dads about everything parenting and the little things. I am not sure why I started writing in the first place but it sure does me a lot of good. It is getting a little easier to write each and every day and I am hoping to get better with time. Thank you for showing interest in it and welcome to the new followers ! Stay in touch:



  1. Gorgeous photos! Last summer I spent in PEI was when I was 14, before there was a bridge. I got stung by jellyfish whilst I was swimming in the water, but aside from that I just LOVED the island. Got to go back sometime.

    • I have to confess that I just laughed at your comment ! I am not a big fan of jellyfish and I remember my husband throwing one at me one time ! I ran around screaming like mad lady ! hehe Glad you enjoyed the pictures – they are from the last two summers we’ve had.

      • 🙂 Yes, it was actually pretty frightening. Lazy summer afternoon, floating in the shallows on a air raft with not a care, when a big jellyfish came floating over. Faster I tried to swim away, the more the air raft’s wake pulled it to me. Got a little sting on the legs to remember it by. But those beaches are just fantastic – so different from the rocky Maine “beaches” I was used to.

  2. The scenery is amazing! Great shooting

  3. wow the pictures are gorgeous. I’ll definitely visit Canada some day.

  4. Can’t wait for summer!

  5. Great photos! We haven’t been to PEI for several years – returning this summer for a week and the kids are so excited about going back – there is really something special about that island!

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