10 things that make me cringe as a new parent

  1. Touch my baby without asking. I am not talking about family, friends and acquaintances. I am talking about strangers in the street.
  2. Stranger assuming baby is a boy because she’s wearing neutral colors. Do girls have to wear pink?
  3. Tell me to “enjoy it while it lasts”. I can’t help it if my baby sleeps. She might not be a good sleeper forever but let me enjoy it without sarcasm.
  4. Mention a second baby (or third, or fourth in your case). Mum, I love you dearly but please, she is only four months old. Give me a break.
  5. Look at me like I have three heads when I answer that my baby’s name is Sixtine. I know you didn’t ask for her age in weeks. And I know it sounds like the number. And although English is my second language, “What’s her name?” is a very basic question.
  6. Unwanted advice from a person who doesn’t have children.
  7. Wish me good luck with cloth diapering. We didn’t make the decision to cloth diaper overnight. We thought it through. Thank you.
  8. “She is/must be hungry.”Oh, thank you. I never thought.
  9. Expect my daughter to greet you with aahhs and oohhs after a nap and tell me that “she is so serious” if she doesn’t warm up to you right away. She is actually a pretty sociable baby.
  10. Sick strangers caughing around my baby. It makes me shiver.

I don’t mean to offend anyone. I am guilty of a couple of those, and sometimes, these are just innocent “making conversation” mistakes. Some of them are more or less annoying. I just wanted to share a few of them with you and most importantly, I would love for you to share your own cringe list with me !



  1. All cringe worthy! I also cannot stand when people touch their toys in their strollers – I yelled at one woman in Costco for doing that, she had been touching meat, yuck!

  2. I get all of these all the time and they drive me nuts as well! Especially #3 and #4!

  3. My list is very similar to yours. #2 was something I thought about a lot if we were going to ahve a girl because I really am not a fan of pink and was not planning to dress a girl in pink. So, the answer is no girls do not have to wear pink at all. #4 is a big one for me too. We get this a lot from everybody and the first baby isn’t even here yet!

  4. People sticking their fingers in my babies mouth because he is teething, I don’t care if they are family or not, it’s just not hygienic. Great post BTW πŸ™‚

  5. I get the whole questions about whether she’s a boy or girl just because I don’t always dress her in pink. I mentioned it here – http://josephaxuereb.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/pink-is-for-girls-red-it-seems-not-really/
    And my mother-in-law started dropping hints about baby number 2 when C turned 4/5 months and she started growing out of her baby face.
    They confuse baby’s name (Cesca) with Francesca, and can’t understand that it’s a separate name!! Grrr…
    I hated people touching my bump when pregnant and I don’t allow people to touch C unless I know them well.
    In a nutshell, I agree with your whole list!!

  6. Yes! I second those. Also advice from
    other parents that is not asked for. While
    it is usually well meaning we all have variations and preferences in how we choose to parent. I’ve learned that each parent and child and their interaction is very different and you ultimately know your child best. Even kids in the same family will not necessarily respond in the way their siblings did. De wooing a strong skin as a mum is key! People are so eager to tell you what they think about what you are doing and the choices you’ve made, whether it
    may offend or not! Sixtine is a beautiful name, btw.

  7. When people smugly wish you ‘good luck’ for having a girl…..”Oooh you wait until they are teenagers”, great, thanks for the heads up for the doom I expect to encounter in later teen years. I feel so much better for knowing it gets worse….ha πŸ˜›

  8. I haven’t had my baby just yet…7 weeks to go!! yay! But here is one that happened to me yesterday…I saw a neighbor at the store…Don’t know this woman well, don’t even know her name…we just say hi when we see each other outside in the yard….so we just stopped and exchanged few sentences…she saw I was pregnant…and right away she’s like “Take the epidural! yep”…But she said it in the way that made it sound like she was the World’s EXPERT on Labor and Delivery…lol I wasn’t offended by the comment….but it just shows how people don’t think before they speak…1st of all this woman doesn’t Know me, she has no idea what type of birth I would like to have,(which is natural) and second, Epidural was her choice,I have nothing against it but it doesn’t mean its the Best way to go for EVERYBODY…It’s just funny how some people are…:-)

    • lol πŸ™‚ Yeah, definitely. They mean well but really, if you don’t have anything interesting to say, don’t say anything. i hope you have a wonderful last 7 weeks to go Sabina ! Keep me posted ! I will never ask you “baby there yet?” ! Promise !

  9. I had to LOL at this list. I have three kids 27, 12 and 9. When I tell people the difference in my first 2s ages they ask if he )second)was an accident. “No, he was a miracle” is always my response!

  10. I so know what you mean! My big one is why people think that jangling a toy in my baby’s face or singing and clapping in his face as soon as he wakes up is going to make him happy. People don’t think. Would we like someone doing that to us when we wake up? No way! Then they say something that implies my baby is badly behaved or grumpy when really (even though they mean well) it’s because of them.

  11. I don’t have any children but I am always mortified when I see a stranger touch someone else’s child. I mean, the intention is always positive but touching a child’s hair or face with a “so cute” comment is just too intimate for strangers. Pay a compliment and move on people! Children are not animals, they don’t need to be stroked!

  12. debut dad says:

    #1 – what’s with that? I’ve seen random people reach into a pram (even with a muslin wrap covering the whole pram to keep light out) and touch the baby and play with them like it’s their own son/daughter… WTF? I feel sorry for the parents who just watch as it happens as it’s in a public situation and they don’t say anything because they don’t want to seem rude.
    Is hasn’t happened to me yet, but I will be on guard!

  13. I can relate to all of these!! Had them all, although with the name thing we get it spelt wrong instead which really annoys me, by people in our family!!!

    • The spelling mistakes…I knew they’d come but I thought it would get better once they’d know how it spelt…Sixteen, Sixten,…why not 16? lol seriously? It is an honest mistake the first time if you have never heard of it but then it gets annoying !

  14. I have a pet peeve that’s more related to moms: when women get around to the whole childbirth discussion and suggest that having anyone who has had a c-section has somehow had a less meaningful birth experience than the woman who delivered vaginally. Sometimes it’s out of our control.

  15. Well said! I totally agree with you. I’d be fed up if people never understood my baby’s name and even more if they touched him/her !

  16. mrsdressup says:

    LOL! I’ve had all of those, including 1 woman who snatched the steamed green beans my son was happily chewing on one summer’s day. She was certain he was going to choke right there and then if she didn’t intervene. He was about 8 months old at the time (we did baby-led weaning) and he screamed in anger that someone had stolen his food. Conversation went like this: “Don’t take them out of his hands, he’s eating them!” “But he’ll choke on them!” “No, he won’t”. “Yes, he will”. Snatches them off him, I get out more. “He’s not choking, is he?” “Well, no but he will”. “No he won’t but if he does, I know what to do. Don’t touch someone else’s baby!”

    • Hi and thanks for dropping by mrsdressup !
      I can’t believe it ! Some people aren’t in their right minds ! I would never dare tell someone that they aren’t doing the right thing for there own baby – let alone take their food away !

      • mrsdressup says:

        oh yes. In the village i live in I’m the weird mother who never yells at her child, he is well-behaved, he wore cloth nappies, While he does ask for chocolate/ a cookie in the grocery store, he is happy with an apple/pear and that’s usually what he chooses first, then he sees the chocolate aisle! Give him grapes and he’s in heaven. Veggie risotto is his fav meal.

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