Date Nights After Baby or Sam Roberts Band

“Now, I’ve had, the time of my life, No I never felt like this before…”

My husband and I haven’t had many occasions to have fun like teenagers again since the baby arrived in our lives. We’ve had a few date nights (mainly movies, and dining out) but I hadn’t had fun like this for a long time ! When we were apart (me in France, him in Canada), he used to send me music and I would do the same. This is when I first heard of Sam Roberts Band, a Canadian rock/indie rock band based in Montreal. The first song he sent was “No sleep“. It was love at first “sight” ! I have been a huge fan of this band since and was able to see them play in 2010, at the Stanley Cup in Nova Scotia.

Imagine my excitement when I heard they were coming to play in Charlottetown ! We asked the babysitter to come around 7pm, kissed Sixtine goodbye and off we were to an excellent pub dinner at Hunter’s Ale House (great service, great food) followed by Sam Roberts Band concert at The Delta Hotel.

We arrived early enough to be first/second row and were greeted by Sam Roberts Band special guest Toronto-based Zeus band which I had never heard of (you can check them out on Myspace if you like Indie rock).

And then came the king. Sam Roberts made his apparition, and everyone started to go nuts ! He has so much energy, it’s a real treat to see him play and interact with the audience. We sang along, screamed, danced, clapped, and rocked.

Sam Roberts is very appreciative of his fans. I am 27 but I felt like a teenager when he touched my hand at the end of the concert to thank his fans… Groupie, me? Well, if you take into account that I was reluctant to wash my hands when we got home…maybe 😉

My husband and I had an awesome date night and I couldn’t thank him enough for making it so special for me. I woke up this morning smiling and singing and I thought, I am a mum, but I still am going to have fun !

 What are your favorite thing to do with your partner/spouse since baby arrived? Any suggestions?

Enjoy the pictures and have a go at listening to Sam Roberts Band if you don’t know him already !

Sixtine rocking in Sam Roberts Band onesie



  1. Sam Roberts is also very easy on the eye too! We don’t get much chance for date nights but we do have the occasional date lunch and afternoon. Our son goes to nursery Wed-Fri and sometimes we take the afternoon off. It feels quite indulgent but it’s so nice. Pleased you had a good time. Hope it’s helped with the homesickness too.

  2. Isn’t he? *giggles* It definitely made me feel really good !
    Date lunch and afternoon sound like fun ! 😉

  3. Sounds like an awesome night! Love the Sam Roberts onesie! My husband and I haven’t been on a date since Jordan’s arrival. *sigh

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