Tummy Time

Ahh dear. Where to start? You have probably heard of tummy time. I did, everyone does. Well, Miss Sissi hates it. I have been putting her on her stomack since she was born and she never enjoyed it. I tried everything – lying down with her, distracting her, placing toys around for her to reach, singing, you name it. She doesn’t like it. Or when she does, it never lasts long. She is a great little mover, but she does everything on her back, or on her sides. The only time she is happy on her tummy is when she is on our chests or on her balance ball.

Our pediatrician keeps insisting on how important tummy time is. Flat head seems to be the only thing coming out of his mouth. She doesn’t have a flat head. He does ! I left the hospital pretty upset. I know it is important for her to be on her tummy but I can’t force her. She usually puts herself back on her back. What to do?

Any suggestions appreciated !



  1. Relax about it.
    Maybe she needs more semi-vertical time first – lying along your shins with your knees bent or up your chest while you are sitting on an angle. Gives you lots of chances to chat with her.
    Perhaps her head is just too heavy at the moment and she feels the strain of lifting it while on her tummy?
    Can she hold her own head up & keep herself reasonably balanced when you carry her? If so, her muscles are probably doing just fine and she may just not like the sensation of squishing her tummy. Each baby is unique & likes or dislikes different things.
    Just my 2c. 🙂

    • I’ll take your 2c ! Thanks ! She has strong neck muscles and has just started trying to sit up when laid on her back. She just lifts her head up to see what’s going on. I was fine until the pediatrician insisted on the matter.

  2. Our boys hated tummy time at first, but once they were able to hold their heads up and figured out they could propel themselves forward with their legs, they made up for lost time by doing the military crawl everywhere they went! We tried lots of tactics (unsucessfully) to try to get them to stay on their tummies in the beginning, but in the end, it was them that told us when they were ready to be there, and not the other way around 🙂

    • Hi Sarah and thank you for visiting my blog !
      I totally agree with you on the “it was them that told us when they were ready to be there”. I think she is doing great and I wasn’t worried about it until the pediatrician mentioned how important it was blablabla. But I can’t force her…Anyway, thanks again for sharing your experience !

  3. Deb thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment because it brought me over here to your super lovely blog. I adore your pictures, and Sissi is the cutest!

    J hated tummy time too. He never really accepted it the way other babies do. But it kind of worked in our favor because it forced him to learn to roll over fast. And wouldn’t you know it…now…months and months later he is a tummy sleeper! its so funny how they change from one minute to the next.

  4. That is an ADORABLE picture of Sissi!

    Don’t fret overly about the “flat head” thing. Put her on her tummy, and if she rolls herself over, so be it. You might want to give some thought to a Bumbo chair or an exercise saucer if you’re really worried that she’s spending too much time flat on her back, but aside from that, there really isn’t a whole lot you can do. Good luck!

  5. My baby never did like tummy time either, he used to last 5 minutes and then he would get frustrated with not being able to do anything and cry. It all changed when he started to turn over and crawl (at about 4 months). Now I place him on his back in hid cot and straight away he turns to his tummy to sleep. Babies will do what they want when they want a little perseverance and time and she will be enjoying her tummy time, have you got a play mat that she can lay on that has toys, pictures, mirrors etc on as that may keep her attention for a little while longer. X

    • Thank you ! I do try to distract her but it never lasts long. She has a play mat that has toys, sounds, musics, textures, and a mirror. She loves to play there but also love her other mat placed in front of a mirror. She will almost break her neck to follow me when I walk around her and I don’t think there is anything wrong with her muscles strength. I think she has a very sensitive stomach and it doesn’t help when she is lying on it.

  6. tinystepsbigjourney says:

    The wee one still doesn’t really like tummy time. Even after she rolls from her back to tummy. Because she can’t get to what she wants. But it does last longer then it once did. I just did a lot of tummy time on me and short bursts on the floor. You can’t force them to do it, they just will sooner or later!

  7. My little one liked a cushion underneath him from his chest upward. It put him on a slight vertical slant which he was much more comfortable with. He head was already off the ground a bit so it encouraged him to lift it higher. But just do what you’re okay with. Sixtine will get there in the end xx

    • Honestly, I think she has very strong neck muscles. You should see her ! I don’t see anything wrong. She loves to move on her back or play on her sides…I guess once she starts sitting up it will get better. I am just upset at the ped. !

  8. My little one would sleep on her tummy, controversial I know, but didn’t like tummy time. In the UK we get told to do 3 lots of 5 mins a day well I never always remembered to do that but always did it once and never lasted 5 mins before she started to shout!

    They do get stronger on time and when they start to roll it helps, you can get special toys now that help with tummy time too! Just persevere, she will start to find it easier x

  9. Non pas que je m’y connaisse mais je pense que lorsque ces problèmes digestifs seront résolus, elle sera plus à l’aise sur son ventre. Cela doit être hyper désagréable pour elle d’appuyer sur son estomac alors qu’elle regurgite beaucoup… xx

    • Certainement ! C’est juste disheartening d’aller chez le pediatre pour son reflux et d’avoir le pediatre me rabacher que Sixtine doit passer plus de temps sur son ventre pour eviter qu’elle ait la tete plate. C’est pas ce que je suis venue lui demander. lol Bref, c’est difficile parfois d’etre maman. Je veux bien faire et on m’embete.

  10. Hello, my oldest also hated tummy time but he was always lying on our chests and lifting his little head. He used to wriggle on his back moving backwards across the floor and hardly crawled before walking at 13 months. Pooh Bear is almost 11 months and he loves being on his tummy. He crawled earlier than his big brother but they all catch up in the end. They recommend 30 minutes of tummy time a day and I suspect she is lying on your chest longer than that so I’m sure that will be enough to avoid flat head syndrome.
    Don’t worry, you can’t force her to enjoy it and as she gets older she will probably tolerate it for longer or become better distracted 🙂 x

  11. Every baby is different, that’s the important thing to remember. If she is happy laying on her tummy on your chest I would say do that for awhile until she is more comfortable moving her head around. Chest tummy time is better than none. It can help too if you try putting her on her tummy at least an hour after eating and/or as close to her next feeding as possible (BEFORE she is at the cranky point). Trying lots of different methods you are comfortable with will help you find what works for you guys…and what works one day may not work the next. I think every mom fights with this kind of issue at some point or other….I know each of the 8 kids in my family (mine & nieces and nephews) reacted and responded differently to tummy time and tummy time activities.

  12. ‘ He does ‘ LOL 🙂

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