The (Magic) Soother

…or the day I thought to myself: “I am scre*** !”.

– Hi. My name is Deb and my daughter uses a pacifier.


When my daughter was born, she would stay on the breast for long hours, sucking on without discontinuing for the sake of sucking. It was really hard on me so we decided to use a pacifier to give me a break. She never really enjoyed her soother, except for bedtimes. So we only give her the pacifier when she goes to sleep (naps and bedtimes). I always wanted to use the hospital-type ones. However, when we started using one, I had free sample ones from NUK. So we went with that. A few months later, I decided to replace them for hygienic reasons. With the hospital-type ones. It took me a while to find them and I was pretty excited. FAIL. She hated them. So we kept using the two she liked until a couple days ago. I decided to get two more of the exact same kind she liked (NUK orthodontic pacifier) for back up. FAIL. She hates them.

Now, we are only relying on our two 4 month-old NUK pacifiers and I am starting to fear for my life sanity. I am going to try to wean her from the pacifier during daytime to start with. And pray that this magic soother of hers stays nice and put.

Any suggestions will be most welcomed.


  1. MommaExpat says:

    Not sure if they are around you but the Mam ones are awesome…. and yes, HJ still uses his. It’s #3 on the list of things we must do when we settle into an apartment.

  2. debut dad says:

    Is the NUK pacifier the recommended one? I am looking to buy one for the flight we are about to take overseas. Jayden doesn’t use a pacifier now so we don’t own one. Trying to figure out which one would be best.

    • I am pretty sure it is a good choice for baby. ”
      The Gerber Nuk Pacifier has been around for decades, and for good reason. Babies like it. The slanted shape of the nipple allows baby’s little mouth to latch on easily and won’t interfere with the development of the mouth. Though more expensive than most pacifiers, its light weight and durability make is a good choice. They also come in a variety of different colors

      Read more:

      However, if you are just worrying about Jayden’s ears, I think a bottle/nursing would be better if he’s not using a pacifier at all. I am no expert but if your little one is not using one (if you don’t want him to have one) then don’t give it to him now.

      I am going to send you a quick email re. traveling.

  3. I laughed out loud at your first confession. I felt the EXACT same.
    We just (about 2 months ago) weaned my little one off her pacifier (“dummy” is what we call it in the UK), she also wasn’t allowed it in the day time, only for naps and bedtime. (God forbid anyone see her in public with that in her face!) It was a smooth transition if I’m honest, we tried it several times when she was younger, it just didn’t work, caused us more stress and sleepless nights than we were willing to go through. At age 2, she was able to understand when the “Dummy Fairy” came and took it away because she was now a big girl! (ok, white lies are ok in this situation, right??)
    We used a cheap pharmacy brand orthodontic one, after trying about a million! (no joke)
    You’ll find one!

    Bon Chance!

    Louise xo

    • Merci Louise !
      I know what you mean…Ideally, I would like her to be weaned off before she turns one. She’s going through a growth spurt at the moment and doesn’t sleep much so I might wait until she is back to normal before taking the soother away. I need my sleep. haha.
      Congrats on your newly dummy-free little girl.

  4. Living Life as an Expat Parent says:

    Ha! We are having the same problem with The Duchess’ Nuk pacifier. She only uses it when she sleeps, but I can’t get her to move on from it and it is 0-6months.

    They really must be magic.

    Problem is, I can’t get the next size up because, while they sell some Nuk products in the UK, they don’t sell the pacifiers. Ugh. Let me know if you find one that works. I’ll do the same if I find one first.

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