A Thank You Letter To Air Canada

I flew to Paris on the 15th of March with baby Sixtine. I was very nervous about pretty much everything related to the trip and I have nothing but compliments for Air Canada. We flew from the airport of Charlottetown, the smallest airport I’ve ever been to but also the less stressful and most friendly. We were allowed 50 pound (23 kilos) each (baby and me), plus a carry-on each and a stroller.

  • I was allowed to check-gate my (huge) Graco jogger stroller as well as car seat.
  • I wasn’t charged for overweight luggage – I honestly don’t think it would have been more than a couple pounds but I did cross my fingers and held my breath.
  • The airport staff in Charlottetown was very helfpul. They carried the baby for me whenever needed.
  • On both flights – there are no direct flights to Paris from Charlottetown, PEI – I was able to check-in first.
  • The Air Canada air hostess were wonderful. Smiley, helpful, and very friendly. I had a ton of things to carry everywhere with me; stroller, diaper bag, laptop (the one that died), purse, sweater, coat…and I don’t know how I would have done it without them. I was so stressed and tired that I kept forgetting stuff. Laptop in stroller, coat in plane, I really was absent-minded then and they never made me feel like I was bothering them.
  • The bassinet was great as it allowed me to eat, and have a little nap.
  • Finally, I should thank my own daughter for being a delightful co-traveler. She slept, ate and was the happiest little lady on board. Her ears didn’t bother her during take off and landing.


  1. Yeah!!

    I wondered how it went, i’m glad she’s a perfect little traveller!

  2. leahtrav says:

    OH GOOD!!! I’m so glad your flight went well. And by the sounds of your other blog, you are having a MOST WONDEFUL time. I’m so happy for you! Enjoy your time there! ; )

  3. leahtrav says:

    Aww, once Papa gets there, you aren’t going to want to come back! LOL I bet your mum and sisters are spoiling Sixtine. ; )

  4. thinkwriteblogtoronto says:

    I love the basinette. We flew to Paris then on to Valencia last summer and it was amazing. J slept literally almost the whole time, I was shocked! We’re flying to Amsterdam in October again but sadly this time J will be too big for the basinette 😦

  5. isn’t it amazing! we flew with j last year to Paris then on to Valencia and the basinette was pretty great. He just slept the whole time!!

  6. I love Air Canada, I have travelled with them on a few occasions, going to the US.
    I counted (for a blog article) and TJ had 10 flying trips so far in his little life. But we never got to use the bassinette because it was small Easyjet flights from England to France. And no he is 2 and has his own seat. xx

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