Homecoming or Paris I missed you

We arrived in Paris on the 15th. It has been great so far. We are missing Papa and family but it feels so good to be home. My home. My mother and sisters. My streets. My smells. My shops. My people. My weather. So far we have enjoyed seeing family, a wonderful weather, daily strolls, Starbucks and simply living life…

I can’t believe how much good a little bit of sun and social life can do.



  1. LOVE to hear this Deb!!

  2. bellissimom says:

    Have a wonderful time soaking it all in!

  3. Expat Mammy says:

    glad your having a nice time, there’s nothing like the smells of home.xx

  4. A Frog at Large says:

    Lol at being in Paris and going to Starbucks.

    • I know ! Sounds crazy eh? Just meant that being close to shops and places makes everything better. I live in a very tiny tiny place in Canada where you must drive to go to anything. So it was nice to take baby to Starbucks for a change !

  5. Sounds fabulous. Enjoy and don’t forget to post some little snippets and photos from France so we can live a little vicarious French pleasure through your trip 🙂

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