Random Short Story: My Daughter Is Not French

According to the law, my daughter is not (certified) French.

I had an appointment at the city hall to have a passport made for Sixtine. I had phoned prior to the appointment and asked for the required documents. I arrived pretty excited to the thought of my daughter being Canadian-French and holding both passports.

Well, apparently, it is a little more complicated than that. “Nationality through parentage must be established while the child is still a minor (under 18).” She was born in Canada so she is Canadian and that’s the end of the story. I have to get a certificate of French nationality for her which can be obtained by phoning the family court and blablabla. Why make things so complicated?! I am French. She’s French and that should be enough. But I will get this stupid certificate so that my little one can travel in Europe like the French little lady that she is.


  1. hum i think it reflects what has been going on in France for few years doesn’t it?

    France is not really a welcoming country anymore, even for little cuties who are obviously half-French…

  2. Well said! Indeed that’s very strange she can’t inherit the French nationality from you directly. But in her heart of course she’s French and we’ll do her utmost so that she has her French passport.

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