Introducing Solid Food Baby-Led Weaning Style l Follow-up

Sixtine is 5 months and a half and she has recently been showing signs of being ready for food. I was interested in introducing food a different way and as I wrote in a previous post, decided to do it the baby-led weaning style. Which means letting her feed herself. I tried banana first but it didn’t lead anywhere. I don’t know what it was but it just wasn’t the right time. I started to wonder if it was really what I wanted to do as it seemed to be a hassle but didn’t give up and gave it another try with a nice juicy pear. She loved it ! She licked it, sucked the juice, and had a great time. It was very encouraging  and fun to see. I still haven’t read the book which makes it somewhat complicated to come up with ideas. What to feed her? Is this allright to give her this or that? But I have been reading posts on the forum and the facebook page and it has been very helpful. I am really excited to start this new challenge and hope Sixtine will have fun, be a “good eater” and get healthy eating habits along the way.



  1. It is such a fun time when they enter the world of solid food! My big tip – grab a plastic table cloth and place it on the floor under the highchair (or wherever you feed her!). Saves so much work! You will be amazed where you find food in the next few months…. 🙂 Take lots of photos and have fun!

  2. Ooooooh, Im so excited you have chosen to go down the BLW route! You’ve inspired a little blog post for me!! We did BLW with our little lady and LOVED it. Keep a look out for it….I’m excited to see how your journey goes!

    Louise xo

  3. Lovely photos!
    We are doing BLW too but I also don’t really know what I’m doing. So far the biggest hit with Henry is to give him roast potatoes. He puts them in his mouth, sucks the potato out and spits out the crispy outer layer. Do you have any book recommendations for BLW?

  4. Great first foods are avocado and sweet potato! We BLW and Humnoy is a fantastic eater! His first were avocado and banana, which is still his favorite fruit to this day.

    Have you heard of the Smocket Pocket?

  5. westendbaby says:

    As you know we are at roughly the same stage with our Little Bug and have had great success with avocado and sweet potato as the above blogger recommends. The tortelloni was a huge hit but I’m worried about salt content so may leave this as an occasional treat. I’d really recommend the Gill Rapley BLW cookbook – super easy recipes and gorgeous pictures. I’m excited to read more about your experiences with Sixtine as we continue in this journey with the bug. Love the blog.

    • Thank you !!
      I will keep an eye on yours as well – I have been looking to get the book as I am really not inspired with what type of food to give her. I tried sweet potatoes the other day and she wasn’t too fond. But drinking water out of mum’s cup was a hit ! Go figure ! 😉

      • westendbaby says:

        Cute! At least it was water and not whiskey! I’m going to post a few recipes of my own in the coming weeks and we’ll see how LB does with them. It’s definitely a challenge trying to feed suitable foods at this stage….good luck with your wee one!

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