A Day In Paris With Baby

I was born in Paris but I live in the suburbs. It is already been about three weeks here and we have been very busy ! I am lucky to live on top of H&M (literally) and have everything nearby which is awesome. We hadn’t been to Paris yet and I didn’t feel the need to – it is close enough and I knew we would get plenty of opportunities but there was a couple shops I really wanted to go to and decided to make it Friday Fun Day.

First things first, as a French person, I should complain. I took the jogger stroller thinking we were going to be away all afternoon – twelve to seven pm and that the baby wouldn’t last long in the sling. I had forgotten or really I had never paid attention before to the fact that there was no elevators, or very little put in place to help parents along. I was looking for an elevator and went to ask a SNCF (public transportation company) worker. I said: “I am looking to go downstairs to take the métro. Where is the elevator?” He replied: “there are none.” I said: “So how do I get downstairs? How do wheelchaired people do?”. He answered very nonchalantly that they didn’t go anywhere. I was pretty pissed. I just hope he stays well. We had to carry the stroller everywhere we went.

Aside from this, we had a lovely time. I had heard about a green shop for babies called Les Biogosses and couldn’t wait to pay them a visit ! I wasn’t disappointed. The owner was very friendly and helpful, and there was a lot to buy. Organic baby food, kitchenware, eco disposable diapers, cloth diapers, organic cotton clothes, and great wooden toys ! I was so excited I didn’t know what to get anymore. I got some German green disposable diapers (Wiona: they come in a great package that makes it really easy to change baby), a sippy cup, a formula dispenser and I would have bought more had I had room to put them in. If you ever come in Paris, I highly recommend you give it a try ! If not, you can still order online here (if you are located in France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland).

image found on their facebook page

After this little shopping excursion, we decided to grab a bite to eat and stumbled upon Rose Bakery which was great because I had been wanting to try it and hadn’t realized that it was so close to the shop. It does a bit of everything, lunch, tea salon, and a bakery. I had read a couple bad reviews about the place but still wanted to try it and I am glad we did. The food (although quite pricey) was amazing and the service was good. The little lady who was standing behind the counter had a charming accent and was pretty sweet. They also sell fresh produce, teas, British stuff and organic food. The other customers were couples, friends, speaking French or English and it felt like traveling the time of a meal. It is located 46 rue des Martyrs.

Finally, we went to Le Bonhomme de Bois, a wooden toy shop for kids that I had been wanting to go to. It is a beautiful place – there are toys aimed from birth to older children. I bought a lovely rattle for Sixtine as well as a Pull and Push Beads Toy for her. Great prices and a lot of toys to choose from ! There are four shops in Paris alone and it is also a great place for gifts !

Instead of taking the métro on the way back – which was a pain in the b*** – we decided to take the bus back to Montparnasse which was just a breather. Sixtine didn’t complain one bit the whole afternoon and she was a very delightful little girl. I am pretty lucky !

We saw the Eiffel tower from afar but I promised myself not to go until my husband would be with us. Another two months to go !



  1. Seriously, on top of H&M? I love buying toys in Europe, and those German brand diapers I saw in Germany, but no one could tell me about them. Now I want to go back to France!

  2. Give us more tips on taking the kids to Paris. We are planning on going there this summer for a few days. I thought the metro and RER had elevators! I’ve never been there with kids so I could use all the advice you have! Keep enjoying la ville des lumieres!

    • I will keep them coming Ana ! It is hopefully the beginning of a long list of tips !
      I think a baby carrier and/or an umbrella stroller would work way better ! Some boutiques are located in old appartments and the doors are pretty small – so it makes it quite challenging to get in with a big stroller. I will try with the baby carrier and will update you on what is best ! There are a lot of fun things to do with children in Paris – especially for older children. You are going to have a blast !

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