16 Things I Want For My Daughter

  1. I want her to be happy.
  2. I want her to feel loved, and understood always.
  3. I want her to feel that she can do anything.
  4. I want her to laugh when all she wants to do is cry.
  5. I want her to love and be loved like Mama and Papa love each other.
  6. I want her to find what it is that makes her happy and be determined to get it.
  7. I want her to be proud of what she is.
  8. I want her to stand up for herself.
  9. I want her to feel good in her body and have a positive image of herself.
  10. I want her to feel protected and secure.
  11. I want her to have friends to laugh, learn and grow up with.
  12. I want her to always remember how much we love her and how much she means to us.
  13. I want her to be successful in life, whatever she chooses to do.
  14. I want her to travel and feel that she is part of something greater than just where she lives.
  15. I want  our home to feel warm and inviting to her even when she becomes a teenager.
  16. I want to live happily ever after with her Papa/my husband.

I want those 16 little things for my daughter and will work towards them each day a little more.

What do you wish for your child/ren?



  1. I agree with what you wrote! I had a similar post before: http://sleepingshouldbeeasy.com/2011/09/13/my-hopes-for-lo-when-hes-an-adult/ but this one talks more about concrete things I would love for him to achieve, especially after having reviewed my own life.

    The biggest one for me is I hope my little guy will be able to contribute something positive to this world 🙂

    • Welcome to Sixtine and The Little things Sleeping mom and thank you for your comment. I read your sweet post about your son and hope some of my readers will give it a look !
      I wish you and your family all the best on working towards these goals !

  2. ana {bluebirdkisses} says:

    I just want J to be himself always

  3. I really like your list of wants for your daughter.

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