Growing So Fast

Where did time go?

This morning, my daughter held her own bottle during the entire feeding.  She started showing interested into holding very early but never really did it. I was very proud of her.

After lunch, Sixtine and I went to the living room to play. Now, that she is mobile and can go anywhere she pleases, she loves to be on the go and gets into everything. She especially enjoys going under tables or pulling out DVDs out of the TV stand.

And then, with my help, she stood up while holding onto the coffee table. She tried to move her little feet, so she could grab something she really wanted (the remote – I don’t know about your baby but Sixtine loves everything black, and high-tech/ remotes, cell phones, cables, cameras…you name it).

And then it hit me.I took her in my arms, held her and said: “you are growing so fast little lady.”

It is funny how you are so looking forward to your baby reaching the next milestones and then wonder where your newborn has gone the next day !


  1. Gosh you take some awesome photos! She’s gorgeous!

  2. You blink and suddenly they are off to preschool. Enjoy every moment. Savour every moment. It goes so very quickly.

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