The Joy Of My World



How beautiful if nothing more
Than to wait at (Sixtine)’s door
I’ve never been in love like this before
Now let me pray to keep you from
The perils that will surely come
See life for you my prince(ss) has just begun
And I thank you for choosing me
To come through unto life to be
A beautiful reflection of his grace
See I know that a gift so great
Is only one God could create
And I’m reminded every time I see your face
That the joy of my world is in (Sixtine)
Now the joy of my world is in (Sixtine)

(lyrics by Lauryn Hill, Zion)



  1. Ok, I’ve already mentioned that I have no maternal instinct and don’t like children, but the photos of your daughter blow me away. She is gorgeous. Seriously. If I say that – it’s true – because I almost never think babies are cute. (And I’m probably going to keep telling you this. lol)

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