Her Toy Story

  1. Plastic globe that rolls and rolls!
  2. Purple wooden crocheted teether by mjolkig
  3. Bunny wooden teether by little woodlanders
  4. Teething toy with crochet chocolate, coral, and teal wooden beads and two wooden rings. Wooden rattle by nihamaj
  5. Wooden rattle Rollo by Haba
  6. Pull and Push beads toy
  7. Wooden rattle by Haba
  8. Oball rattle
  9.  Bidiboo Animals Rattle by Janod

I bought number 7 a few days ago for a very excited baby! My mum said she had far enough toys. I honestly don’t think that Sixtine owns a lot of toys per se and apart from books, I very rarely get her any. I absolutely love wooden toys as they are so pretty and safe for baby! They also give room for imagination!

However, Sixtine has been crawling for a bit now and she favorites everyday life objects to toys. She still has a thing for books and she is now showing actual interest in them. Whenever we sit to read, she keeps still and carefully touches the book we are reading, listening to each and every words. She even laughs at times, to express how much fun she is having.

I usually pick a few toys for the week and put some away so that she doesn’t get bored! But I think she is now readi-er than ever for a treasure basket and I am excited to see how she will approach them!

What is or what was your baby’s favorite toy and why? 


  1. Expat Mammy says:

    great toys , I love wooden ones

  2. mymyblue says:

    I’m happy she loves the globe ! Her toys are so cute.
    This is a good idea for a tag post, you could have tagged other moms and we do the same. I will take pictures of TJ’s toys and write a little something as well! 🙂

  3. westendbaby says:

    We just got LB a ball like the one pictured above and she loves it! But her favourite things are the remote control for the TV and whatever paperback I am reading at any one time. There are a couple of bites out of my novels…. Not sure the paper is great for her digestive system.

    • Haha! How old is your baby again? My daughter is the same: anything black and electronic! Remotes, cameras, phones, and cables…! Especially now that she is crawling, she has gained independence and can get into everything!

  4. I just can’t resist buying toys! They’re so cute. Even though mommy probably plays with them more than baby 🙂
    Thanks for this post. Your pictures are just lovely.
    My credit card statement may have a couple of words with you 🙂

  5. What a beautiful collection! Number four is amazing, but I am often drawn to anything coral, as it is my daughter’s nickname. I would say her wooden stacker was probably her favorite infant toy, followed closely by anything that rolled.

    • Thank you! I love anything made of wood! I will get her one (stacker) and some blocks in a few months time, we are staying in Paris and I have to keep in mind that we are only allowed 23 kilos each…hard to refrain myself from shopping here!

  6. Wooden toys also last longer than other toys! Our oldest boy used to have his favorite book when he was younger. Both Daddy and I knew the words off by heart as he always wanted us to read it to him 🙂

  7. I love wooden toys although my boys are a bit heacy handed and always bang them too hard on the floor or on their heads lol x

  8. My Olivers favourite toys are balls, his tunnell to crawl through and Sofie la giraffe

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