16 Things I Have Missed About My Husband

Today, next week, I will be reunited with my husband, after over three months of being apart. Having met in Iceland, you would think I’d be used to it…I am absolutely not, to be quite honest, I don’t know how I could live without him.    We both agreed on my going to France so that I could be with my family and get better, but we both know it was a very decision to make. I left with a tiny baby, and I am going home with a little girl who has her own personality, has two teeth, eats, laughs, tricks, crawls, sits, drinks from Mama’s glass and even pulls herself up! It breaks my heart that he had to miss all this…she is just not the same baby! It was really hard for him to see her on Skype but I am sure the excitement she would express whenever she’d hear the computer ring was priceless! She just knew it was him. And it made us happy. In about a week, we will be reunited as a family.

  1. His love. His arms. His support.
  2. Parenting as a couple.
  3. Talking his ears off until 3am after drinking Red Bull. He’d say “Deb, we are not getting you Red Bull anymore. Ever.”
  4. Sleeping in on the weekends while he looks after the baby and serves me breakfast in bed. He makes the best pancakes!
  5. Tickling him. He hates it and I love to annoy him.
  6. Our talks about our dreams and hopes for the future.
  7. Watching our favorite shows together.
  8. I missed cooking for him. I can’t believe I am saying that because before him, I didn’t know how and I was interested in any ways.
  9. His smile. He and Sixtine share the same dimple cheeks, it is absolutely adorable.
  10. Bedtime. There is something about the night that makes you want that special someone was there.
  11. Bottle washing. I really don’t like washing them…and he probably doesn’t love it either but does it out of love!
  12. His interaction with the baby. I just love seeing them together, there is so much love between them.
  13. His family. I love his family with all my heart.
  14. I missed not being able to enjoy my friends, my family and the things I love with him. It was like being at a great party without your best friend.
  15. His optimism.
  16. The little things he does everyday that say “I love you”

What are the things you love or would miss the most you had to be separated from your husband/partner for three months?



  1. I spent two years meeting my then-boyfriend (now husband) once a fortnight, and when I had C, he had to leave two days after and I didn’t see him for ten days! I now have six weeks with my family in summer, and he will come visit every other week. I know what you mean about him missing out – I was actually afraid of him missing out on the birth, but that’s another story lol! I agree with you about the bottle-washing, and may add cleaning up baby’s mess after her eating, holding her while I dry my hair and putting her to bed! Have a lovely reunion 🙂 xxx

  2. I know the feeling! I, like Josepha was on a long distance relationship for two years! We got married and haven’t been apart for long, ever. I’m writing this as he’s out of town for work and every minute seems eternal. I miss everything even the annoying things!!! i know you will have a lovely reunion. Happy family time!

  3. Expat Mammy says:

    what a lovely tribute to your husband

  4. I love that my husband knows me better than anyone. I don’t need to tell him anything. He already knows my heart. And he actually loves me anyway!

  5. westendbaby says:

    Here’s wishing you a happy reunion – it will be such an exciting moment to see your little one and your husband together again!

  6. What a lovely post – so glad you’ll be seeing your husband soon!

    I’m moving back on with my partner this week after living separately for a month – I really can’t wait 🙂

  7. So glad to hear you’ll be reunited soon! The longest I’ve ever been apart from my husband was 7 days and it was tough! Of course there was the “single parent” feeling of being on your own with a kid, but I think a big part is just wanting that other person near you. I’m so glad we haven’t been apart for longer than that!

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