We Love Cloth Diapering!

Our bumGenius stack (it is missing a few that were in the wash)! Show me yours!


  1. Ha ha, great pic! I loved cloth diapering too. Thankfully I’m done with diapering forever. I need to figure out how to sell them now!

  2. What a fantastic picture! Obviously, I’m rather biased – cloth nappies are brilliant!

  3. I’m using a mix of cloth and disposables at the moment. bumGenius inserts with Bluebell coveralls – only the youngest uses them though as the others had grown out of that stage already. Currently looking for something in a bigger size for the middle child that is still more like a nappy, rather than training pants. Having a really cool print would help too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • There are so many brands out there – it is hard to choose! I am more of a plain colors kinda person but I am pretty sure I have seen nice printed ones as well. I received a giveaway diaper from Bebe Culotte and I had the choice between a pink or a blue cloth diaper that said “Rock and Glamour”. It is a really cute diaper!

  4. This is just adorable. I think our stash would be twice as tall! I have a mix of different brands but I love them all. The best thing I love about cloth nappies is the beautifully round tushie!

    • The rest was in the wash but we also use disposables (travel/long outings and sometimes nights) so I didn’t feel we needed too many! I would love to try out other brands as well! Which brand do you use?

      • We have Peapods, Baby Beehinds (local Australian company) and a series of homemade ones I have picked up from local craft markets. These are my favourites, the thought that someone handmade them.

      • I have seen a few on Etsy and thought it would be nice to have someone make one for Sixtine but haven’t bought any as of yet! It is really hard to find cloth diapers here in PEI. The only brand they have is Kushies and I can’t say I am big fan. So we bought ours in Montreal, Quebec and the rest is from France. But all bumGenius.

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