9 Month-Old Baby

7/17/2012: Our baby turns 9 months old today. Where did time go?

So what’s with little Miss Sixtine?

  • Two full bottom teeth, and two upper teeth are piercing through.
  • Longer and curlier hair.
  • 28.4 inches (72cm) and 16.8 lbs (7.6kgs)
  • Masters crawling.
  • Masters sitting.
  • Masters standing up with help of furniture.
  • Masters cruising.
  • Increased curiosity. She wants to see, know,  hear, touch, and mouth everything.
  • Manages to stay in a standing up position for a second without help of furniture (and without realizing!)
  • Babbles, laughs, chats, sticks tongue out, whines, squeals.
  • Sometimes shows shyness when meeting someone for the first time (and hides in Mama’s neck with a big smile)
  • Eats various food.
  • Has become a real little explorer!
  • Enjoys pulling and eating grass.
  • Says “Papa”, “Ma” and “Baba”.
  • Moves her hand in the air when listening to “Jean Petit qui danse” (French nursery rhyme).
  • Developed great hand-eye coordination/pincer grip.
  • Mouths everything!


  1. Trop belle Sissi!! Magnifique photo!!

  2. bellissimom says:

    She is just too adorable!!

  3. She is beautiful!! And I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what my daughter weighed at her 9 month check up as well! 🙂

  4. I’ve just realised my son was due to be weighed and measured for his 9 month check up this morning… oops 🙂

  5. Love this picture… her teeth are adorable!

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