11 Months Old And First Word

Sixtine turned 11 months old today and said her first word (other than Papapapapa, Mamamama, and Bababababa which don’t really mean much). I asked her in French (I speak French 95% of the time) if she wanted her “tétine” (which is the French for pacifier) and she said with a smile: “téti” as I was handing it to herShe had never made that sound before and I was very proud of my little one!

Happy 11 months to my wonderful baby girl.



  1. That must be so amazing! Congrats to Sixtine!

  2. OH my god Go Girl!! awesome 🙂
    Do you remember your first word? B’s was “light” (artist!), mine was the very diplomatic “MaPa” to please both parents 😛

  3. OMG so cuuute !!! Well done Sissi 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness how cute! It’s so adorable to hear of a baby speaking in another language! My sister in law is from Argentina and some of my niece’s first words are in Spanish, which is totally amazingly cute to me!

  5. Well done Sixtine! The first word for both my older children was “tickle”. BB has yet to say his first word, so maybe a hat trick?

    • That is so cute! And it is not so much of an easy word to pronounce either…Love it! Since then, she has been trying to repeat the words I say…they don’t always come out right but it is so exciting! I can’t believe how much she has grown…she is both trying to walk and talk at the same time! GO BIG OR GO HOME haha! x

      • It’s a huge learning curve from here, it’s a very exciting time. By the time a child reaches 2 (or 3?) years old they have more than 200 words in their vocabulary.

        When I look at BB I can’t believe he’s the same baby he was nearly a year ago. He’s now in clothes his brother wore only a few months ago and is only about two inches shorter (LB is almost 2) but he’s still my baby “squidge”!

        Talking about these gorgeous babies is making me pull kissy faces 🙂

  6. Awe so sweet and such a cute first word!

  7. First word, and in French too!

  8. ohhhhhh
    please record her 24/7… 🙂

  9. she is so so beautiful and love her new word. Isn’t it so lovely when they start to speak?!

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