This Time Around

This time around, I will take things as they come. I won’t read all the books, and the blogs, and the forums, and I won’t put too much pressure on myself, wanting to be perfect. This time around, I will ask for help earlier if I have troubles breastfeeding but I will also let it go without regret if it doesn’t work out. I won’t think of myself as a bad mother. This time around,Β I will love you, and give you my all, and that will be enough.


  1. cute bump!

  2. Definitely the best attitude to have. Don’t stress, take each feed as it comes and ask for help the minute you need support. Gorgeous bump x

  3. VERY wise! I may need to come back and re-read this when/if I become pregnant again because I KNOW it’s true but I always struggle with the reading books/forums instead of being laid back (which I should be!!). πŸ™‚ Oh, and I love that idea for a capturing the bump-very original-I’m totally going to steal it in the future! πŸ˜‰

  4. What very wise words! The best mother is a happy and loving mother πŸ™‚

    • Sixtine and The Little Things says:

      Thanks Gwen – it took me a while to figure that out but better late than never! I am much more relaxed now and it benefits everyone lol

  5. Lauren James (KnackeredHousewife) says:

    Definitely the way to go – there isn’t a perfect way to raise children.

  6. Mervi Erkheikki says:

    You are a lovely mother, even if I have never seen Sixtine I can see it in her eyes when I look at the pictures you have taken of her. She adores you. So will the newbie also. They say that the second pregnancy will always be easier in every way cause then you’ll know what to do and your world don’t go completely around, I mean the baby will be adjusting to yours, Sixtine’s and your husbands life instead of you adjusting to the baby’s life, if you understand what I mean. That is a big relief. What it comes to things like breast feeding. When I got my baby Aaron I never really got a grip how it worked and it was extremely painful. When Aaron was around 2,5 months there wasn’t any milk left to give. I felt so bad and as a bad mother. Now I have tried to comfort myself by saying that when it is time for baby number two I am more experienced and sure that I get it working then. You are in my mind and in my heart Deb. I wish you all the happiness and a lovely pregnancy. Hugs

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