A Sweet Little Reminder Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not an illness. However, I see myself as “not feeling well”, or “sick” rather than pregnant. I have been suffering from bad morning sickness, reflux, exhaustion and sciatica. Because I have a high anterior placenta, I barely feel my baby girl move. Feeling the baby move was the most enjoyable part of pregnancy for me, I loved touching my belly, and interacting with Sixtine when she was still in the belly. This time around, I can feel the baby pretty much everyday but very very low, and the kicks are very light. I wish she could feel my touch and respond.

Worried about the baby’s health in the first stage of pregnancy and  being so busy with Sixtine -a very energetic toddler-  it hasn’t really sunk in. Yet I am 22 weeks +1 pregnant, and I don’t really take the time to think about this baby-to-be. I haven’t bought one single item for her yet (not that it is wrong but I would like to), no nesting, nothing. I am more wondering about how I will cope with two than how exciting it is going to be to meet her. But it will come in time, no doubt about it.

My cousin came over this weekend and we had a really good time. She didn’t come empty-handed and had the most adorable things for us (including Sixtine’s belated birthday gift).

I was very intrigued to see what was in the little box saying “something is hiding in there” in a nice little bag. It said Pamela Loops on it. Pamela who? Well, Pamela Loops. (You can check her Etsy shop here. Facebook page there)

credit: Pamela Loops

And when I opened it, I found two little people wearing swim suits (the same as this one minus the extra boy) under a big announcement banner saying: “congratulations to you both!”.

credit: Pamela Loops

I don’t know if whether it was the cuteness of the pastel colors, or the surprise in a box effect but I felt very emotional. I thought: “Yes, we are expecting a child! It is great news and something to be celebrated!” It really warmed my heart so thank you Melanie for this thoughtful gift and reminding me that I was pregnant and it was a beautiful thing.


  1. I was miserable when I was pregnant. I hated it. The worst part was, I was happy with the idea of having a baby and I had a very easy pregnancy: only one week of morning sickness, no “symptoms”, did yoga until week 37, traveled to France twice at 3 and 7 months pregnant, traveled to NYC at 6 months pregnant… basically I was active, fit and physically-speaking, everything was great.

    But I had a hard time with the “sharing my body” idea. It felt weird and unreal. I didn’t like looking pregnant either (and I barely showed, even at the end). I can’t explain why I felt that way… I just did.

    On the other side, labour and delivery was a magical moment and I loved it. And life is good now, although tiring with a five weeks old! 😆

    This is just to say that each woman is different, and each pregnancy is different too! I’m glad you are celebrating it 🙂

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