Parenting Alone

When Sixtine was about 5 months we decided as a family that I and the baby would go to France for a few months so I could recharge my batteries and it was really needed. I did recharge them and felt better as soon as I landed but I missed my husband terribly after three months. He came for a two-week visit and wedid lots of sightseeing which was a lot of fun. He also had the opportunity to meet all my family, friends and see where I was from etc… I told him I never wanted to be apart again after being away for so long.

But again, Sixtine and I flew to France on the 27th of October and won’t be seeing him until the birth of the baby (unless he gets some time off for Christmas). Our future is pretty uncertain as he is starting a new job and doesn’t know what is in store for him yet.

I am exhausted ( I have said and written that a lot lately. Forgive me.) and raising Sissi by myself is pretty challenging. My husband is a very hands-on father, always willing to help. It feels like I have no break without him around. It is 24/7. I am definitely not your stay-at-home mother type of person and I am starting to wish I was going to work. I know it sounds horrible but I don’t think it is. I love my daughter to death. I just want to be my own person, not “just” a mum.

I miss him terribly and Skype hasn’t been doing a great job. It is always cutting up, and there is like a 8 hour time difference which means at midnight there it is 8 in the morning here.

To sum it up: Parenting alone su*ks! – especially when you have the most awesome husband in the world!


  1. Oooh Deb xxx I feel for you and J ❤

  2. I can SO relate. Trev gets offered jobs up north for substantially more money but they require him to be away from home for weeks on end and I tell people who encourage us to make that sacrifice, “you can’t put a price tag on my sanity” plus Trev knows that he’s working for his family not to be away from them if you don’t have to. I just returned FTP work after 13 months off and I feel alive again – being a stay-at-home mom isn’t for everyone and I’m tired of people giving me pained expressions like I didn’t have a choice, like being home 24/7 with my children would be a dream come true. Hang in there and don’t forget to ask for help – that’s what friends and family are for (if they have children they get it and if they don’t, we’ll they must have tons of energy and free time to lend a hand – ha (kidding)) xo

    • sorry for all the typo :S – that’ll teach me for commenting with my IPhone keypad.

    • Haha I like your last sentence…I just wish people had a better idea of what it is to be a stay-at-home mum. It is not all roses at all and it is nothing like being a working mum either. I totally get the “I feel alive again” idea. I haven’t felt like myself for a long while.
      I don’t like to ask for help and wish it would come more naturally but I have started saying how I felt and we will see how that works out for me.

      The only reason why my husband isn’t with us is because we didn’t have any other options. It has only been three weeks and it has been really hard. I don’t know how I am going to do it but we shall see.

      Thank you for your comment Sara xx

  3. That must be horrible…But look on the bright side, at least you got a chance to visit France and your family….I still cant take Sequoia to meet my family…and It kills me that they are missing all this time while she is a baby, all the new little things she does etc :-(….But such is life I guess….I always keep telling myself “Nothing is forever, things change” so hopefully I can visit home soon as well….Sorry, I came here to write a supportive message to you….Maybe just go one day at a time and remember that Nothing is forever and this too shall pass!! Hugz!

    • I remember feeling this way before going to France. I felt crushed! This too shall pass is a good way of looking at it even though it is easier said than done. Especially when your future is pretty uncertain! Thanks for stopping by Sabina. I hope your family gets to meet your pretty little girl soon x

  4. I can definitely relate to you. My husband is around but his long shifts mean I can have the boys from the moment that wake until the moment they sleep at night and the days are sooooo long. Take each day as it comes and as Sabina says “nothing is forever” and I always feel proud of myself for getting through those days. They grow so quickly and when you have moved on from this raising babies stage, you will look back fondly and perhaps wish you were back there even if only for a second x

  5. Awe – that seems so tough! I’m sure it’s great being with family… I always wish I was closer to mine.. but having my hubby with me every day is something I guess I take for granted… thanks for pointing out something else I’m thankful for this holiday season… and my thoughts are with you and your family… hope you have a lovely holiday

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