Starting Daycare For Socialization…and a bit of a break for Mama!

So it is official – although I am only meeting with the daycare’s manager next tuesday, Sixtine will be starting daycare on the fourth of December. It will only be for an hour at first, so we both get to know the educators, the children and the place and they get to know  more about little Miss Sissi, her sleeping habits, what she likes, doesn’t like, her personality…

I have to say that this is something that makes me overjoyed for two reasons:

  1. I know my daughter and I can tell she has been craving the interaction. She is a very outgoing little girl, and she loves people – strangers, friends, family, you name it. And she especially love being around other children. I think it will be a great way for her to socialize, be challenged and stimulated, have lots of fun, and progressively get more independent, as baby two comes in the picture in March.
  2. After 13 months of being with Mama 24/7, we are both going to have a break from each other. And that makes me happy.

When the lady told me that she would be starting early December, I was both excited and somehow emotional…As much as I have been wanting this time to arrive, it is going to be an adjustment to take her there and let her alone with people for hours not knowing what is going on. It almost feels like taking her to school for the first time – my baby is growing so fast!

But I know she will have a wonderful time. I can feel it.

Plus, I am exhausted and I NEED time for myself.


  1. Yep, I hear you, Maman…. I was determined to keep my toddler with me until 3, but since his l’il sister came along, i’m pretty keen for daycare to start! Our wait lists are crazy so we’re starting in january (wait list up to two years at some places, WTF?? They’re in college by then, right?)…….he’s ready, I’m ready, we’re ready!

    • I know what you mean.
      Her little sister is still in the belly but I already know that we both need some time off from each other.
      I was hoping for her to start in the next week or so (haha) but December 4th will do!

      We are ready is right!

  2. It’s important for you both to have time apart. My son goes to nursery and will continue to go for two days a week when the next baby is born in Jan. He adores it there and loves the other children and carers. Plus, it teaches him that there really is life outside of mama and papa. And I cherish the time I have with him even more because I know what it’s like to miss him. Enjoy it. Both of you x

    • Thank you for your comment. I am sure Sixtine will love it there as well, and the time we will have together will be more precious! I am not sure how it works in terms of hours but I was thinking either two days or three afternoons a week depending on what works best for them and for us.

  3. Louise McGivern says:

    though our little one is older, she started ecole maternelle a month or so ago. I was so happy and so emotional too…
    Our little miss LOVES daycare now, especially the little friends she is meeting, its amazing!
    Sixtine will also love it! (as will you, I am absolutely certain!)

    Louise xo

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