Sleepless Nights

She slept through! After almost two weeks of waking up to play for some nights up to three hours a night, Sixtine slept through the night. I can’t tell you how exhausting those past two weeks have been…I was starting to lose it. Literally! Let’s hope it lasts!


  1. Oh boy, that’s tough! I hope it lasts!!

  2. She was just jet-lagged 😉

  3. I am so glad – you deserve a good night sleep! Or better: let’s party 😉 Love

  4. Crossing fingers for you! If you want to share the tricks… I have a 6 weeks old baby 😉

    • Thanks. Well, didn’t go as planned! She got up at 10pm and was up until 2am…I am so tired! She is napping right now. So I am enjoying some time for myself although I should probably get some rest instead.

    • Tips…humm…I don’t have any. We did co-sleeping the first couple months and then she went to her own big girl room. I let her get used to her room during the day first, and once she was used to have naps there, I decided she was ready to sleep by herself at night. It only took a few days until she was happy there! Maybe 3 or 4? Good luck to you!

  5. I love reading posts like this! Reminds me I’m not the only one LOL happy sleeping while it lasts x

  6. waking up to play at night!!!!!!??? my god, i hope it won’t happen around here! mine sleeps 8pm to 8am. i love it! (and cross fingers for it to continue 😉
    Good luck to you!!

    • Yes, you read right! I am so tired…She used to sleep from 7pm to 6am then bottle and back to sleep for a couple hours. Last night, she was up at 3am. 🙂 I had been asleep for less than 3 hours…:( Thank you anyways. Ps: Your chair tutorial is amazing!

  7. My youngest still wakes up at night. He settles quickly enough with a bottle of cold milk, but even that tiny break once or twice a night does it’s damage. And that’s a good night – bad nights usually involve all three of them waking up!

  8. oh man, I’m sure that was rough! Let’s hope she keeps it up….

    I never knew how amazing sleep was until I went with it interrupted for 13 months. Now every night I’d rather go right to sleep instead of read because it just feels so good knowing I won’t be waking up in a couple hours…

  9. Glad you’ve had some rest at last! Long may it continue…

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