Got Milk? Thoughts On Breastfeeding.


  • Breastfeeding is natural. It doesn’t mean it is easy for everyone.
  • It does get better. 
  • Get informed and surround yourself with knowledgeable people. It can make a whole difference.
  • It is OK not to get it right the first time. Baby and you will learn together.
  • Carpe diem. It is very hard to see the big picture when you are in pain or going through something difficult. Just try to make it through the day.  And reevaluate tomorrow.
  • It is not as bad as it looks to nurse during the night when you get the hang of it. Just keep doing what you were doing (sleeping) and baby will do the rest. Lying down position to nurse is my favorite!
  • After a good nursing session, that “I had too much of this turkey dinner but damn, that was good!” look is so precious!
  • It is both practical and not. No need to own, wash, store, prepare bottles. Milk is at the right temperature and it is perfectly adapted to your baby’s needs. But you are the only person that can feed him/her. Which is a beautiful thing but makes it difficult if your baby nurses often and you would like to go somewhere without him/her.
  • It gives you a sense of pride and empowerment. I can’t explain, it just does. It is also extremely relaxing.
  • Growth spurts are kill-joys. When you think you and baby have adjusted well…think again. We are going through the 6-week growth spurt and I am not surprised to hear half of the women who breastfeed stop right there. It is not easy. It is extremely exhausting (I will let you picture how wonderful I feel today being sick as a dog and juggling with a toddler who’s favorite word is “no”).  But I read somewhere it would get better so I am hanging in there (even though last night at about 1am I kinda wanted to cry. Oh, no wait! I did cry!)
  • Victoire and I are very fusional. She is happy to stay by herself for a few minutes after a good feeding but will most likely cry in someone else’s arm for over 5 to 10 minutes. I don’t think I like that.
  • She is growing very well. And I couldn’t be prouder!
  • I want to wear a badge saying: “Cracked nipples survivor”.
  • When your baby cries, people will automatically assume he/she is hungry. Even though he/she just ate. That is majorly annoying.
  • I don’t know if it has anything to do with breastfeeding but I lost all my baby weight. It doesn’t mean I am back to looking sexy but the weight is gone. It is a good start.
  • Breastfeeding Victoire helps me to be healthier.
  • It makes you thirsty. I have recently been dreaming of swimming in a sea of Peach Ice Tea or Orangina.
  • Finding ultra-absorbent nursing pads was life changing.
  • Had never heard of “forceful let-down” now I wish I didn’t know what it meant! To think I thought spraying my baby’s face with milk was funny at first…doesn’t make me laugh anymore.
  • Breastfeeding in public isn’t as well seen as bottle-feeding in public for some reason.
  • I think breastfeeding is going better this time because I was better informed and knew who to turn to if I had concerns or questions. But also because labor and delivery went extremely well. I didn’t feel as “broken” as I was postpartum with Sixtine.
  • It is an ongoing learning.
  • Breastfeeding more or less “successfully” Victoire has made up for the bad experience I had with her sister.


  1. Great job, hang in there! I breastfed my first daughter till she was 2, and my 3 year old is still going! She loves it, and when I suggest stopping, she cries and says ‘but I looooove youuuuu!!!’ Both were painful for the first few months but after that it was easy sailing.

    • Awww What a sweet thing for her to say! Thank you Rachel!

    • Rachel, thank you for sharing that you are still breastfeeding. I am still breastfeeding my 18 month old and I feel like I’m the only one still nursing at this age. The irony is not lost on the fact that a mother feels so much pressure to breastfeed, but then feels pressure to stop breasfeeding well before the age of two. Nice to know I’m not alone. I feel like people look at me funny when they find out I’m still nursing, and I actually don’t like to admit it. How’s that for irony!

      Deb, loved your blog, as usual! =)

  2. I tried on all three of my children but it wasn’t for me. When Shane (my youngest) was a newborn I resorted to expressing all of his feeds due to major thrush. I’d express after every feed to make sure we were ready for the next one – you can imagine how that went at night!

    I’m so glad to see things are working out for you this time around. And extra glad to see you blogging again – I checked back a few times 🙂

  3. I breastfed for about a month and loved the experience. That said, it wasn’t that easy and eventually we had to switch to formula for Mark’s sake. I just wish people were less judgmental when it comes to breastfeeding, there is no right or wrong way to do it–it’s between the mother and the baby.

  4. Breastfeeding has gone very well with us, which I am very thankful for! I saw a post one time that said, “I can make milk. What’s YOUR Super Power?” I am so happy Victoire is nursing well for you! 🙂

  5. You`re so right… about everything! My baby is three months old now and as much as I know we`ve had an easier time then some, there are still days where I want to cry and give up. But then I look at his little face and the giant smiles he gives me while on the boob and it makes it all worth it.

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