Sixtine And Her Terrible “Twos”


This seemingly angelic little girl turned 18 months about a month ago, and she has well entered the terrible twos. I will say that the terrible twos are, rather than a set age, a state of mind. Sixtine says no a million times a day. And I, say no a million times a day. She says no when she means yes. She says no when she means no. I don’t think she realizes what she is saying no to – most times, she says no for the sake of it. I know it is her way of showing me/us that she has become her own person. And I am happy for her.  But I really hope that it will pass rather sooner than later.  I have been working on redirecting her positively – didn’t think it would be so hard to break the habit of saying no! (Ie: “Sixtine, don’t scream.” Instead “Sixtine, use your little voice.” ) but it definitely needs improving.Yes, I have to confess, sometimes, I react/ed childishly – trying to be the loudest. But a fault half confessed is half redressed, isn’t it? Reading on the subject has given me the opportunity to step back and realize that the most important thing was to keep calm (and have a cupcake)!

How did you get through the terrible twos? Aside from eating cupcakes? 



  1. Time is the only thing that really makes it pass, but like you say – positive redirection is the way to go, even if it isn’t the easy thing to do.

    Shane is the same age as Sixtine and he’s had some mammoth tantrums!

  2. TJ’s terrible two has transformed into terrible three’s, hihihi LOL
    We try to keep calm but it’s very hard.
    The naughty chair is our friend…
    And we have read that when you want your child to follow what you say you have to be direct and use I. Example : “I want you to ….” as opposed to “it’s dangerous, it’s better to …” because the child apparently does not understand these indirect expression to be aimed at him.
    I must say it works most of the time xx
    Courage brave mama ♥

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