My Toddler Is A Fussy Eater


Is there anything more discouraging than your children refusing to eat what you lovingly prepared for them? It is beyond frustrating and it’s been happening a lot lately. I sometimes feel super lazy to cook but I do because it is part of the job! And I am almost proud of serving her a nice home cooked meal (nothing fancy but still, I am not much of a chef!) until she says “na”. I say “Try it. It is yummy look…Hummmmm. Sissi do it!”. And she says “na” again. And I get so upset! She often ends up eating just dessert. And it drives me nuts! I was starting to worry and posted a message on Baby Led Weaning’s Facebook Page and was almost immediately reassured reading this:

“- Dont allow the situation to be stressful.

– It still doesn’t matter if your older baby or toddler doesn’t eat at every meal as long as they are still receiving their usual milk when they want it still doesn’t matter if your older baby or toddler doesn’t eat at every meal as long as they are still receiving their usual milk when they want i

– Keep offering a variety of foods.

– As your child gets older, they can help in the preparation of the meal. Children who are involved often eat more adventurously than those who aren’t.”

It also seems to be quite common at this stage. So I guess I will keep doing what I am doing and wait until she eventually outgrows it!


  1. ooh I remember this stage when I was looking after Dare in London! She would only eat gingerbread men lol
    (but she grew out of it yes!)

  2. A Frog at Large says:

    yep, totally normal! My daughter is generally a very good eater but she does go through weird days every week when she will either only eat vegetables, or only eat meat, or barely anything, or stuff herself silly on Babybel only. Then last week, I had the delightful ‘e yuk’ when she tried something new… Thankfully, she’s still breastfed at nearly 22 months and asks for it a lot at times so she’s getting ‘something’.

    • Haha! I hear you! Sixtine always loved ham but has decided a couple weeks ago than she didn’t anymore. I have been offering it two days straight: same answer: Na! Until this morning, she tried one by mistake I guess and realized that she liked it after all. She ate all her meat today! Victory!

      Oh and you are right, milk is good. I tend to not allow her to drink too much because it fills her up and then she doesn’t eat “solid” as much as she should but I should let her drink it when she wants it. At least, until she starts eating better again.

  3. My 3 year old is only just starting to eat ‘wet’ things, like stew. I think she even took a bit of spaghetti with sauce the other day! Mostly she likes it plain 😦 She’s extra suspicious of food.

  4. My 18 month old would live on carbs alone, if it were up to here. She rarely eats meat unless it’s a hotdog! And never eats vegetables. Thankfully she’s pretty good at eating fruit and hard boiled eggs.

  5. My daughter is the exact same way, and you’re right….it’s so disheartening! I feel like I feed her the same several things all the time because it’s all she’ll eat. And then I wonder if it’s all she’ll eat because it’s all I feed her. A vicious cycle! Keep at it and hopefully it will get better for both of us soon!

  6. Valerie says:

    Samuel (20 months) is the same way. Picky, picky with his food but wants to nurse all night!! 🙄

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