The 6 Week Growth Spurt & Breastfeeding


Going through a growth spurt and breastfeeding has proved challenging. I am starving. I am always thirsty (and water doesn’t cut it!). And I am beyond exhausted. (It is past midnight and baby is sleeping. I should go to bed.) So tired that my eyes hurt. I have cried the past two nights. More so last night when Victoire was crying, hungry and I felt empty. Not one drop of milk would come out. And all I wanted to do was sleep. I can understand now why a mother in distress would go to formula! We eventually fell asleep and, a couple hours later, some more milk had come in and she was able to nurse. She actually ate A LOT last night. I am hoping that tonight will be a little easier than last night – but I feel fuller, even tensed so it should be. I was able to get support from some ladies on the French LLL Facebook page and it really helped. Who would have thought that something so natural would be so hard!?


  1. It is so hard, isn’t it? You’re amazing for getting this far, more amazing for continuing!

  2. Your doing an amazing job, Even though you may think there is no milk you’ll be surprised.
    Vinnie had a way of sucking just for comfort not because he was hungry so milk wouldn’t come out.
    Keep drinking and eating. I ate like a horse all day every day. I aimed for every two hours. A sandwich, oats, crackers, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and home made fruit juices and main meals.
    Eating oats are really suppose to help with milk supply eating oats for just 3 days I noticed a huge difference in my milk.

    • Thank you. I think my milk supply is going up again. I felt I hit rock bottom that night. I felt so hopeless – but things are getting better. And you are right, I realized I had to eat more often..I have had dizzy spells the past few days. So I am trying to eat and drink more now. Thank you for your support and advice!

      • I was really ill on day 6 after the birth, My milk was crazy full. with the blood loss and hot weather, lack of water and food I was so close to passing out.
        Just keep doing what your doing. 🙂
        Any questions just shout I’m always around.

      • Thank you so much. It is not always easy but it is very helpful to get support!

      • Valerie says:

        Sarah has given you some great advice!! *hugs* I hope the growth spurt eases up a little soon. 😀

  3. A Frog at Large says:

    And why is it that nights feel so much harder than days? I feel for you here, it’s not fun. It always feel harder when you’re tired as well, doesn’t it?
    I’m certainly not looking forward to these early days again. Despite eventually getting my breastfeeding success story, the first 8 weeks were a complete blur with gritted teeth and a lot of tears from both of us. I remember I was recording all sorts on tv to watch in the middle of the night (cannot cope with night-time programmes at all) and watched an entire season of the Good Wife over a few days between 2am and 4am…

    You’re nearly there though, you’ll be out of this stage in a matter of days or weeks and be able to relax and enjoy it again!!

    • Thank you! I love The Good Wife! Such a good show. I go to bed late (at about 12ish) but don’t do anything during the night. I want Victoire to stay asleep or at least, realize that it is night time. haha
      Anyways, thank you for your words of encouragement. It helps!

  4. I realised the same thing Deb : I had to eat more and better because my milk was not “fat” enough… We do so much for our babies, we forget to take care of ourselves ♥


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